Tuesday, September 09, 2008

yes, it's girly whinge time

i was never meant to wear shoes, i'm sure of it. uggs and thongs work best for me. no backs to rub against my heels with the thongs, and big space between ugg boot backs and my heels.

the disadvantages are: thongs let my feet get filthy in summer. uggs stink.

and neither are suitable, professional wear.

today i wore some flats that killed* me when i first wore them. and then the next time. and then the next time. but the next time they seemed a little better. i even wore them yesterday teaching. on my feet all day, doing yard duty, etc. and no new rubbings.

but today, when i am at an area in chadstone shopping centre furthest away from where the car was parked, all of a sudden, a huge, fucking welt on the side of my heel. i swear, it measures about 1.5cm and there is a circular flap of skin that is hanging, and underneath it's all slippery and juicy and weepy.

why? why me?

i think i was a cave girl originally, and therefore i am just not made for shoes. uggs are really just the modern-day equivalent of animal skins wrapped around a foot and tied on with a leather strip, but without the leather strip; thongs are just bare feet but with a rubber bit at the bottom so you don't cut yourself with all the glass lying around st kilda.

shoes hate me. but i love them.

feel very sorry for me.

thank you.

* killed = created great, weeping blisters


the projectivist said...

ha! poor you.
i have that same problem.
pretty shoes hate me.
ugly shoes adore me.
just when i think
'oh this is the pair that will best me, i'll never wear these ones in' they are suddenly transformed into wearable beauties.
but it takes an awful lot of bandaging to get them used to my feet.
i don't think i'll be swapping to an alternate career as a foot model for one of those fetish mags any time soon.
maybe not.

jo_blue said...

I DO feel sorry for you. Why do women want to torture themselves with nice shoes. Soft leather boots, now that's my kind of shoe.

Lulu said...

I hate shoes too!

I would rather go barefoot but it is frowned upon in Japan to go outside without shoes on and here in Australia, shoes are a must for work unfortunately. It seems everwhere is screaming "YOU MUST WEAR SHOES"

I am a flats girl- soft ballet style that once worn in usually work ok.

Little Miss Scatterbrain said...

I hate the pointy triangle shoes, why wear them? they look awful!

rounded shoes for me.

Or barefoot.

Melba said...

oooh all the shoe girls are coming out.