Tuesday, September 23, 2008

day 2 of the holidays

1. yesterday was good. i wrote a lot. i'm working on the opus i have been working on very sporadically since 1999.





2. the brownlows were boring, boring, boring. i knew they would be, but i had to see for myself. first and last time i watch them.

3. i was going for richo. what a spunk. WHAT A SPUNK!

4. there was one girl that i saw in a shocker frock. it was a backless number, red with black lace that looked like tatts all along the top of her rump. she was a little heavy for that frock, if you ask moi.

5. highlight was strauchanie. i love him. he is the funniest. he is the best.

6. today was good until i found headlice in 2 of the 3 children. well, the hairdresser found them. so i am up to my elbows in cheap hair conditioner and it's so fucking awful. maybe i need a glass of wine now.

7. we are going to the movies tonight. the boys will see wall-e, and us girls will see something called wild child. sounds... great. no really. the girls are pumped.

8. i am still enjoying the geraldine brooks book. next one will be the people of the book, i think. is this a good choice or should i go back to the beginning and read in chrono order?

9. i'm having a manicure tomorrow. it's just so decadent. i've never been a manicure person, but i am trying to be now. they just do it so much better than a nut trying to do it at home.

10. i'm realising some new visitors to this blog are, like, really young. i'm wondering where they've come from, and why they read. it's nice, but i don't really get it. i'm so boring to anyone who's hip.

11. i haven't managed any writing today, but plan to get back to it tomorrow.

12. go cats.


jo_blue said...

Wall-e is a great little movie. My daughter and I loved it. Very cute. But then your girls are a little older.
And can I get an autographed copy of your opus when it's finished? Can't wait. You WILL finish it.
And you're blogs not boring, ever! Young ones will probably glean wisdom from it.

pepsi said...

I am looking forward to the opus.

People of the Book is dreadful, truly it is, she just doesnt get the modern voice. She slips badly into Mills & Boon territory towards the end as well - a real disappointment.

Mex said...

headlice... eww. i had them once when i was a wee one and my mum almost spewed when she saw them. i was whisked away to the laundry basin for a thorough shampooing and a not very nice comb. i felt like a leper for days.

Melba said...

thanks jo.

pepsi, no don't say that. i was excited about finding an author that i didn't find unbearably hard work, derivative or boring... i'm still going to read it, will get back with an opinion.

yes mex, it aint pretty. of course i started itching madly, but clokes checked and there was nothing. phew. treatment under way, so all cool in the melba household again. but it's funny, we never had them as kids, it was much rarer i think (or was the social embarrassment greater and no one talked about it?) i don't know.

Little Miss Scatterbrain said...

My friends and I are going to see Wall-e tomorrow morning, and we're a bunch of 16-17 year olds, can't wait!!

<3 Pixar movies

Liss said...


I hate to say this, but it's utter bollocks from beginning to end. I am a huge GB fan and a person of the book and now I want my $32.99 back.

Here are three reasons why:

1. The characters aren't fleshed out at all.
2. The dialogue is awful. Like, wake-up-your-beloved-at-midnight-to read-it-out-loud-because-it's-so-bad-you-can't-sleep awful.
3. There is a sex scene that is totally laughable. John Safran described it on First Tuesday Book Club as 'kebab sex', or something like that. He was right on. It has to be read to be believed.

Ipso facto, maybe you should read it...?!

Anyway, I love your takeonthings. Have often wondered when I'd feel enraged enough to comment, and I guess POTB was it!

Now I have to go tear up my copy into a million little pieces and eat it. Goodnight.

Mex said...

i definitely think the social embarrasment associated with anything from headlice to VD back in the days kept much of it under wraps. the problem now is that people like to share everything just a tiny little bit too much (says the girl with a blog)...

Ms Batville said...

I am a recent convert to the manicure habit myself. Even better is the pedicure - you leave with tootsies as smooth as a baby's behind.