Tuesday, November 22, 2005

me a bit nervous tonight

last night i was sitting here and i heard the gigi barking (sorry, i can't change her name. she has to stay gigi. she is to big for frou frou or chi chi. alas.)

it was about nine o'clock. i went out to the back garden. right down the bottom and around the corner. we have a huge back garden. gigi was standing there in the moonlight, facing the two big gates, and i knew there was someone there.

this is a dog that doesn't bark.

this is a dog who is so cute and friendly, and wants to just love you, whoever you may be, and be loved by you, however you can give it. pats, bones, a game of ball, a walk. anything, even the crumbs of affection that might fall off your plate, as you eat at the big human Table of Life.

she continued to stand, on guard, alert. it made me alarmed. i went silently over to the fence and climbed up on the rung things (you know how one side of the fence is smooth, the other has the horizontal rung things?)

i hoisted myself up, and looked over. there was no one there. then i looked up the street and i saw a thin man walking away. he was walking close to the fence, so i couldn't see him properly, but i saw his right arm, and he was wearing a dark t-shirt.

i jumped down. i knew that he had stopped at the gate. maybe tried to open it. which is impossible cause they are out of alignment and he would have needed a brick and a crowbar to get them open.

i patted the gigi, and told her she was a good guard dog. she has got a really deep, really loud bark. it makes her sound like a big hound, and this is good. i am hoping the robber man has gone and told all his dodgy friends in this suburb that sounds like a car name, that the house with the such and such fence, on such a such corner has got a big fucking dog, so don't go sniffing around there, mate. you might get bit.

then i started to walk back to the house. and there was a human figure, in the dark, on the path, near the big bush. i stopped and my heart did the pounding thing. cliche yes, inaccurate no. it was dark so i couldn't see how tall, but there was movement, and it was alive.

"princess?" i whispered. more of hope, it was like a wild moment when anything was possible.

it was her. gigi had woken her up with her baskerville-type impersonation. never have i been more glad to wrap my arms around my girl. another cliche yes, completely fucking accurate yes too. i put her back to bed and then went to bed myself.

you can understand my paranoia. plus it's still another few weeks before my man is down here full-time and can deal with the robbers.

on other gigi-related matters i handed the keys back to the old house yesterday, along with a note to property manager bitch # 2 to deal with any matters by correspondence. that's WRITING. a letter. not getting me on the phone so you can trick me, you witch.

waiting to see if i get all my bond back. waiting to see if anyone says anything about the gigi chewing on the crappy kitchen drawers, or the evil mould growing on the bathroom ceiling because they kept getting quotes to replace the broken fan in there, and never did. so fingers crossed for me, anyone know any spells, please do something. i need that $1200 to pay my tax bill.


LadyCracker said...

good luck with that... grr.. landlords

Magical_M said...

Go Gigi. What a star.

Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

After you've had a bad experience, like being broken into, it's hard not to let fear take over, I know. It really screws your mind up.

Dxxxx said...

It's always scary when you're in a new place at first - but weirdos over the fence sure don't help. Thankfully Gigi came to the rescue.

And fingers crossed that your ex-landlady does the right thing by you.


ps check yr e-mail pls

BEVIS said...

Good girl, Gigi.

Good girl, Princess.

Good Girl, Melbourne.

problematic said...

I don't like these stories. I don't want you wandering around in the dark. You need a base ball bat.

Dxxxx said...

Good idea cotton - and then you can use it in the daylight hours to get princess into softball/t-ball...

Locket said...

Um hello, are we all missing the point here?

mg, what the hell were you doing going down there by yourself to check it out? What would you have done if the man was still there when you looked over the fence - not walking away? Or if it wasn't princess standing under the tree?

Next time the gigi barks, double check the doors are locked, sit back down and watch the telly/read your book, and let her bark. Check it out in the darlight hours.



MelbourneGirl said...

locket, you're right. and the funny thing is in those freaky-scary-as-shit movies that i can't watch, i always scream at the idiot who goes to check it out. and then they get killed or something. i don't know why i didn't worry about it enough to not go. probably because the tall side gate is padlocked, you can't open the back gates, there is a side fence, admittedly part of the section is wire which could be cut through with wire snips, but i figured there wouldn't be anyone out there. she might have been barking at a cat or possum. and i knew logically that it couldn't have been an intruder where princess was. he couldn't get in. i've got everything locked up pretty well.

but you know locky, if the man was still there, not walking away i would have shouted at him:

"get the fuck away from this gate, you fuck, i'm calling the cops right now!"

really truly, i would. i am not going to let people know i am a bit freaked out. they smell the fear and it draws them in.

thanks everyone for concern, and advice. baseball bat, yes will consider. but i guess i am a bit jumpy... aleks is right.