Sunday, November 06, 2005

the meme for bevis. the tag thing. it's so late and i can't type very well and i've had champagne so forgive any typos

these 20 or more things are what i jotted down on various scraps of paper. this is probably the first point, the number one. you should know that i am ALWAYS sitting in my car at the light, scrabbling through my bag for a piece of paper, and a pen, to scrawl notes on it, then the lights go GREEN and i have to drive, steer through all manner of complications while simultaneously writing down my most urgent thoughts...

god i'm tired. i want to go to bed. i have never been so tired and emotional while blogging...

no.1: when i was little i thought i was different or special. i asked my brother "do you feel special?"

"no," he said.

2. i often feel invisible. Alot of people don't really see me.

3. giving birth was AMAZING. i felt like amazon woman, it was like it was me in a club with every woman who had given birth through history, right back to cave woman. so primal.

4. i've been robbed 4 times. it really sucks.

5. i have four scars on my body but i don't look terrible because of it. the best/worst one was when i was 7 and i fell off a horse i was trying to make jump over a log, and it bolted and ran through the forest and a branch whacked me on the forehead and i somersaulted and then landed on a log which had a broken off branch, and that cut through my jeans (v-knees?) and then i had a hole in my leg which got stiched up by dr eagle (i kid you not) on a sunday afternoon, and my mother always wondered whether he was pissed, cause he did such a bad job. i still loved horses and continued to ride after that

god i'm stuffed. i have to go to bed. will finish tomorrow.




BEVIS said...

Ha ha ha ha!!! :)

Oh boy, that made me laugh so much!

It's so amusing to me that you were too ridiculously tired but felt determined to post the first 5 items anyway!

You shouldn't have felt obligated - especially if it's all a bit much at the time. I hope you're feeling much better rested and less emotional by the time you read this.

I look forward to the next 15 (although your first point was about writing notes in the car, so you really already gave us six!), and I wish you a very happy Sunday. :)

Roguemaze Central said...

Nice one.