Thursday, November 03, 2005

while you wait for my meme [for bevis] here is a little something i have just created. you may also use it. feel free.

it's a yuyu [pronounced you-you]

i would like to dedicate twenty things to someone else. this is what i will affectionately call a yuyu. maybe it will catch on.

remember it started here.

1. you accept me, and i love that

2. you also tolerate me, my bad side

3. you listened when i told you i was complex and complicated. now you know that was true and still you love me.

4. you tell me i have a lovely back

5. you tell me you love my arse

6. you really enjoy my cooking

7. you accept that i am independent and need my space. "man."

8. you are open to being open with me

9. you listen to me when i am bossy

10. you have never, EVER sworn at me. you don't know what this means to me.

11. you have never belittled me, or put me down

12. you like to eat as much as me. maybe more?

13. you call me gorgeous

14. you call me cute

15. you appreciate my mind

16. you laugh at my jokes

17. you support me in whatever i want to do

18. you don't [seem] to feel threatened that reading may well always be my first love

19. you accept when i tell you that my daughter will always come first

20. you are close to your family, and i am too. you understand and like "family"

oh no, i've got another one:

21. you get me

i could go on, but i think that's enough. don't want to make him blush too much.

[blows kiss]


Ant. said...

Oh, you, you....

[blushes anyway]

problematic said...

Look at you with the love, and stuff.

Dxxxx said...

Oh you you alright!! That's beautiful babe!! Sounds like you are both very lucky to have each other.


Justine said...

Surely you're talking about a poodle?

Darcy said...


MelbourneGirl said...

ok, so three people think it's nice. i think. (kisses to you all), and one person thinks it's about a poodle? (growl to you)

you're being a little unclear there justine.

care to explain?

sublime-ation said...

You are a lucky woman...and deservedly so!

Locket said...

Beautiful yes, but I think I'm gonna be sick.


[lies wretched and sobbing over porcelain bowl]

BEVIS said...

Excellent idea! You have done very well here (both with your man and with your yuyu).

Hmm, that sounds rude. Moving on ...

Roguemaze Central said...

Ok. Here I am.

That sounds like the honeymoon period to me. It will never last.

All those things you like will then be turned around into bad things.

You always call me georgeous, cute, eyc - So therefore it ceases to mean anything. Overused.

I am complex - I TOLD YOU THAT!

I wish you would just swear at me for FUCKS SAKE! Stop being so FUCKING CALM AND NICE. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY! LETS FIGHT!

I've put on weight because all we do is sit around and eat. You've beefed up too. COme to the gym with me.... OH WHY NOT?

Not everything I cook can be great. This soup is worse than the last one and you still say you love it. LIAR! FUCKING LIAR! Now I can't trust you!

I REALLY NEED MY SPACE! I TOLD YOU THAT! I think we should take some time of. Find ourselves... space... you know?


Good luck.

Clokeeeey! said...

Rougey, thats seems like a scence from Alan and Pam.

MelbourneGirl said...

oh my lawn. what have we here?

locky vomiting (SP? one t or two?) and roguey ACTUALLY WRITING MORE THAN 'nice one' AND several paras. oh the honour.

roguey, i've moved past the bastard stage, so believe me when i tell you nice is better. for me. now.

so, thank you for the good luck. i will take that as sincere. and THANK YOU for not fucking saying:


if i have achieved nothing else...

oh and clokey. alan and pam are everyman and woman. they are you, me, us, them, him, her etc.

but looking forward to seeing them again.

Cape Man said...

Farewell, I'm hanging up the cape.
You have a great blog here. Keep it up. I don't have word verification either, I think it's over rated.
Anyway, Ciao.

BEVIS said...

It's a sad day in the blogosphere. Who will fight the good fight now? We only have one remaining superhero left in the blogworld now, and he's pretty lame.

(I'm talking about that guy who was popping up around the place a while back, Random Man his name was, who I don't think would be able to defend the weak and vulnerable blogger from harm anyway.)

Cape Man, RIP. Enjoy your retirement.

Roguemaze Central said...

you should go out with me.

I like complicated.

Clokeeeey! said...

Roguey, you forgot the 'm

MelbourneGirl said...

monsieur maze, are you propositioning capey, ou clokey, ou moi?

and capey, what was the 'm reference?

Cape Man said...

as in "I'm like complicated".

MelbourneGirl said...

very good mr cape. and he forgot a couple of commas too, perhaps.

maybe you think you like complicated rogue, but you like simple i think.

sorry you are leaving us capey, but good luck in your new "self" and shall keep an eye out for a mysterious, interesting new blogger...

Roguemaze Central said...

look. It was for you mg. But i'm not fussy.