Sunday, November 06, 2005

meme continued

ok, as promised here is the rest of it. you might have wondered why i even bothered last night to try to do this? as bevis has commented, i should have just left it until i was less tired and emotional.

but i had promised i would do it last night.

so that can be number 6:

6. i really really do my best to keep my promises. having said that, i am also quite careful about WHAT i promise.

7. i prefer dogs to cats

8. i learnt belly dancing before it was trendy.

9. over my life i have had the following recurring dreams
- when i was little, like about 5 i was a fat fairy who had to really work at flying by flapping my arms really hard, and then i would slowly lift off and then fly around to perform all manner of impressive feats. most of them was saving my family. i don't know why i was fat, cause i wasn't in my real life.
- also when i was little i would dream of a wall of sand that would pulsate forwards and backwards, to the backing of a throbbing drum sound (i know, i know. weird.)
- when i was in primary school i would have dreams that i was at school in my singlet. and nothing else.
- similar dreams persisted when i was in secondary school.
- as i got older and shouldered grown up responsibilities and stresses, i would dream that either my teeth were falling out, or that i had scratchy wiry stuff stuck in my throat. i could breathe through it, and would be careful not to panic, but would reach down my throat and pull out this stuff. there would be miles and miles of it, often wire, sometimes fabric. horror story, yes? i know, you don't have to tell me. serious anxiety issues? but the thing is, in real life i am not anxious. i am pretty much in control of things.

10. still on the dream theme, i very RARELY have sex dreams. and when i do, it is usually with some famous person, and not necessarily someone i fancy in real life. often these dreams morph not into sex, but there'll be an encounter, then we become friends and it's romantic and flirty, but doesn't go any further. that's ok. i guess.

11. i don't think i know how to flirt.

12. i am very good at keeping secrets.

13. once i bought a $245 bottle of cristal champagne as an act of revenge. it didn't taste any damn different to a $15 bottle of yellowglen. but it was the act that was powerful.

14. i am lucky in that things always turn out for me in life, but unlucky in that i never win raffles/prizes/tatts/etc. i believe that things work out for a reason, i look for the reason, and if something is not good now, it doesn't mean i can't turn it around and see the benefit later.

15. i like my feet

16. sometimes i worry that using nail polish and hair dye will give me some sort of cancer

17. i like the idea of wearing a uniform to work. i applied for the police a few years ago, but i wear glasses and was too blind for them. i blitzed the entrance exam though.

18. when i was at school i had a MAJOR fully in LOVE crush on adam ant. i had a scrap book. i went to BOTH his melbourne concerts, i went to the southern cross hotel where he was staying, i took a present of a coffee table book of waltzing matilda, of course with my name and contact inside. i was allowed past the throng of school girls to take it to the front desk to leave for him.
i never heard from him. i moved on.

19. i think i have a touch of ocd. all my coathangers have to be facing the same way (hooks to the back) and i like all the labels on my food jars to be facing the front. the tv volume has to be on an even number.

20. i can never remember jokes. in my life, i have heard so many, but i just can't remember them. there's only one that i can. i told it on someone's blog. they still talk to me, but it is pretty gross. i don't know why that's the only one.

so that's it. i struggled with the last one, but it's done now. not sure if i complied completely with the brief, what was the brief? things you don't know about me?


BEVIS said...


I've only got a sec before the boss comes back in here, but I wanted you to know that I've read it and loved it.

I'll comment in more substance later, I promise!

Roguemaze Central said...

top bird eh.

Good on you for not having word verificaton.

sublime-ation said...

Well done. And the coat hanger thing is not ocd, everyone does it, except complete slobs. Have you ever been in a shop where they have the hangers going the wrong way (the opposite to yours) and put a hanger back the right way? the sales assistant always freaks and has to immediately come and turn it around.
I like to do this to them for fun. Mean aren't I?
I have been too distracted with the weekend etc. to meet up with you and dsta but good luck in the HAIR OFF!

Chai said...

Women in uniform.... there is something special about that....

MelbourneGirl said...

hi bevis, glad you enjoyed. rm, are you being nice to me? sublime, hair off went well. we had a nice lunch, and i do believe i won. dxxxx had hers done so it was flat, which is meant she'd conceded really. chai, yes there is something special about anyone in any uniform... can't think of one that would turn me off. even bank ones are alright.

Magical_M said...

Just as well you never got together with Adam Ant - otherwise you'd be visiting him in prison (probably with a nail file hidden in a coffee table book).

I think he took the 'Stand & Deliver' thing a little too seriously.

Clokeeeey! said...

The Ant man is in jail?

My word verification was "xfile".

MelbourneGirl said...

yes i heard he did his nut a while ago. poor, poor man. yes i would try to break him out. though i fear he has lost his looks by now.

xfile. xcellent.

nighty night all. this caped avenger is off to bed.

sublime-ation said...

Congratulations! Although I realise I am congratulating you for something that can be a you know, but at least you won the hair off, albeit Dstah had a disadvantage...Glad you had a nice lunch, next time I'll come.

BEVIS said...

I must say I'm very intrigued about # 13 - how was it an act of revenge? Did you use someone else's credit card?

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but well done on a very imformative list!

Roguemaze Central said...

I'm always nice

BEVIS said...

... except when people have word verification ...


debs said...

I have those same dreams about my teeth falling out! Whats with that?

MelbourneGirl said...

bevis, long story. but i will tell you what happened. my ex-husband was in the country, staying at my dad's holiday place, down the coast, little sleepy place... staying there with his girlfriend. that was cool, whatever. but i had organised to go down there with my girlfriend, she really needed a weeked away from hubby and kids (for people who have read my earlier posts, this friend has featured in a sad way) anyway, ex-husband was due to leave the country well before friend and i were due to go down for a girls' weekend. he kept delaying his departure, for one reason or another, until eventually i got slightly irritated and told him i was going to use the house, to go down there with my friend, and that he was meant to have left, in other words as time drew nearer, i was hassling him gently about when he was going to leave.

then he yelled at me on the phone, then he accused me of having a boy friend (i didn't at that stage, this was a GIRLfriend, plus what the fuck, we were fucking divorced) THEN HE HUNG UP ON ME.

so i was faced with disappointing my girlfriend... i rang around some other friends, a lovely dear old other friend offered me his sister's beach house at another location, and we planned to go there.

this is where the revenge comes in. i have a secondary credit card on my ex-husband's account. i use it for princess expenditure. he trusts me, and rightly so. i have been impeccably accountable for all outgoings, i manage quite a lot of his money, upwards of 60K at a time sometimes. i am reliable and honest. except this once. he had SO PISSED ME THE FUCK OFF i called dan murphy's, asked what their most expensive bottle of champagne was, told them to put one aside, i would be in by 5.

so i went in, it took about 10 minutes for them to bring it up. i swear it was like they were carrying it on one of those puffy red velvet pillows with gold tassles around the edge. there was the manager and sales dude, like a procession. it was in a gorgeously crafted wooden box with a sliding top. they opened it to show it to me. it was wrapped in burnt orange cellophane and had a leaflet about louis roderer blah de blah. i put it on the card, took it away to the new location, and drank it with my friend.

so there you go, but i should have bought some red, instead of the champagne. i guess that was the revenge part, that it was so deliciously extravagant and "fuck you"

and he never knew

Darcy said...

Oh dear - 19 and 20: me too. 19 scares me a bit.

I love the story about the champagne - I was going to ask too.

We all had that dream about being under dressed at school. As an actor we often get the - being on stage on opening night without having ever rehearsed or learnt the lines - dream. It's fuckin' awful.

Dxxxx said...

Great story about the Cristal MG!!

I would have sculled it even if it tasted like cats piss.

hahaha well done to you.

And well done in hair-off. I am a graceful loser. I had such an effing great time in Melbourne, nothing could bring me down.


Dxxxx said...

sp. I think I meant gracious, not graceful.

Although I can be graceful too.

I'm still recovering......

Melbourne: you rock.


MelbourneGirl said...

dxxxx, you can be both. good to meet you too, get some sleep girl. and your hair was looking fine. flat like that is worth throwing in the towel for.

darcy, yes but do you do the volume thing with the tv? it HAS to be on an even number otherwise i get twitchy.

i think the singlet to school dream is extremely common. we are all a bunch of walking anxieties, us humans...

about the champagne, telling the story spreads the revenge. i like it fine. but don't get me wrong, apart from little hiccups my ex and i get on much better now than when we were married. funny about that... but it's good for princess.

Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

On point 17 I have to totally disagree with you; I despise uniforms as they are representative of authority, which as a good anarcho-syndicalist I despise. I especially hate police uniforms, and the police in general. I've yet to be arrested at a protest, though I have come close when mouthing off at the police and telling them what I think of them.

Glad to hear that you didn't become a fascist authority figure!

MelbourneGirl said...

sorry to disillusion you aleks, but there are people in my life who would still call me a fascist authority figure, even without a uniform!! my daughter for one, my boyfriend probably for another...

he he he

i'm happy there was only one thing that you didn't like aleks. also i am glad i didn't become a cop. they are too straight and conservative and i am too not. i wouldn't have lasted long. probably would have been shot while fumbling for my specs in a dark alleyway

Dxxxx said...

Hey lady, hows about an update sometime soon ???


monk said...

Hi Melbournegirl!
Did Adam and the Ants play TWO shows in Melbourne in 1981?
I thought that they only played one show!

MelbourneGirl said...

hi monk. it was two. at festival hall. i wore a white frilly shirt. along with everyone else.

can't remember the month.

i'm sure it was '81. might have been '80? they only came out once, right.?

updating now dxxxx! but sorry it'll be a lazy one for reasons to be explained

monk said...

It was September 1981 definitely as they flew to Japan straight afterwards.
I have a date of 24th Sept for melbourne and then 25th in Sydney, but on the 23rd I think Aam went to see Liza Minelli in concert and the day before that they were in Brisbane.
Do you have any ticket stubs, photos or press cuttings?
I'm putting together a book on the nts and anything would be welcomed!

Grant Edmunds said...

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