Sunday, January 01, 2006

you know, day two has been ok

i have sent my most precious person to america.

last night i couldn't really sleep. after i blogged, i went to bed. i slept for maybe two hours or so then woke up. lay there, one hour. got up and went into the lounge. did a woman's day crossword, got stuck on the last few, the time was moving on. it was 3am, then 4am. i knew she was due to arrive about 4.50am our time.

i got a text message from her dad about an hour later saying her plane had landed and he was waiting for her to come through the gates.

under an hour later, about 5.45 i got a call on the mobile. it was her. she was fine. she sounded really happy and excited. said the plane flight had not been that long and that there was only one "incident"

i held my breath.

she had vomited as the plane was coming in to land. my baby. and i wasn't there to help her. there was a nice lady who helped her clean up and then she asked her escort once they had her luggage (very fash pink trolley bag) if she could change. so she was able to run and hug her dad without spew all down her front.

she called me again at about 1pm and they were packing the car to drive up to the snow. the girlfriend lisa is there, and she is being a good second mother to princess. which makes me feel relieved though of course that is hard to hear. but anything that makes my girl feel better, makes me happier too.

so i said, are you going to stay at the snow for one night, or two?

a week, she said.

[avalanches, going off the track and falling into a ravine, snow storm, skiing accident, ice breaking while skating, car skidding off road]

all these things flash through my head.

please say hi and happy holidays to lisa and baba. and have a great, great time.

i will, comes the small but happy voice.

i love you, she says.

i love you too.

ps riss, that wasn't a pic of her. but looks like she did. a bit.

day 2
25 days to go


BEVIS said...

See? She's having a ball.


Tuppence said...

I'm sure she is having a great time, even though she misses you.