Tuesday, May 30, 2006

big brother uk

i have missed the boat with the bb here, so apart from occasional shows here and there i don't think i will invest.

however, thanks to the power of ms fits, and her magic linkages, i have just spent some time viewing the wonder that is bb uk.

one character stands out for me. if anyone is ever going to murder a person on bb, i think this girl, nikki, is an out-front leader of who might be the victim.

check her out:

audition tape

nikki in the diary room

"i'm a caged chicken" - rant number 1

"i need bottled water" - rant number 2

"water continued" - rant number 3

is she for real? or is she a vicki pollard character who has been sent in...


Kymmy said...

I'm not a violent person, really I'm not.....

But those clips just make me want to punch her repeatedly.

I think it's the constant sighing that does it most of all.....


BEVIS said...

I don't think I want to click on them to watch it ... no, I won't ... oooh, maybe I will ... no, I won't ... or maybe just one ... ahh!

MelbourneGirl said...

what did you think bevis?

BEVIS said...

To be honest, my computer was too slow to load the videos, so I was spared viewing them by some Almighty Power or something. I'll try again today. It really depends on the dial-up connection I have on any given day when it comes to viewing videos online, etc.

Dxxxx said...

I have no sound on my work computer, so I'm missing out on all the action. Sounds like a hoot from what I've been reading about it!

Youtube: Resistance is futile - especially when you have finally finished your thesis and have f**k-all else to do.

I know you don't like them but too bad. Smile.

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sublime-ation said...

oh man I love it. LOVE IT. Her promo tape thingy on Jess' site really puts the women's movement back about 2000 years.

Alors, I had a dream last night that you and Princess were at this outdoor market thing selling home made bread and dips. And you even had a sign saying 'MG and Princess' Famous Home Made Bread and Dips'. The market looked like one in Tunisia or somewhere, dusty. I was driving past in the car with FBF, and made him stop and we went over and you looked like Sophia Loren in these huge dark glasses and black 40s dress. And you totally snubbed me! You were very dismissive about me buying dips, saying, 'oh, we don't really do those for everyone'!!!You were lying on this car, posing. Princess was exactly as she is in real life, and was perfectly friendly. She looked very healthy, with red cheeks. She must've gotten over her flu?

what a weird dream...

MelbourneGirl said...

bevis, i think you need to do all you can to view these clips. they are superb.

dear dxxxx, without sound you are missing 90% of the experience that is nikki.

sublime, your dream. i love it, but it's clear you are feeling insecure. you know i love you and would never snub you. you need to come over to play lola (piano), eat something nice, and i promise i will be very warm and friendly. i won't pose on any cars. i simply can't do anything about the loren looks, however, so sorry about that.

Pomgirl said...

Those clips really make me long for the UK Big Brother. So entertaining. And I went to school with lots of Vicky Pollard-esque type characters. It wasn't the Kelsey Grammar School though :)

sublime-ation said...

I know, I know, it was a dream, it does what its intentions are, not mine...and when this is all over in July I would love to come over and play Lola. Far too little playing of pianos going on in my life at moment...
you are a sweetheart.

BEVIS said...

Okay, update: I've watched the first two now, and part of the third (it kept 'failing' at the same point, so I gave it a rest). I intend to keep coming back and using these conveniently-located links until I've watched them all, but in the meantime ... SHUT UP, WOMAN!

(That's directed at Nikki on UK BB -- not to any of you fine ladies.)

Yes, she is absolutely annoying. Beyond belief. I don't care how 'entertaining' she might be on television, I don't think I could stand watching her every day. I have such strong views on her self-centred arrogance and stupidity, I simply don't know where to start.

So I won't.

Tuppence said...

My favorite snippet of information about this young lady is that she refuses to use public transport, and refers to buses as 'peasant wagons'.

Steph said...

I'm the biggest BB freak ever, and am trying so hard to stop myself getting immersed in BBUK. I can only handle one addiction at a time dammit!

Will. NOT. Click. links.

MelbourneGirl said...

i bet you did steph.

hey tupp, nice to see you.
i made the mistake this morning of showing princess (along with my brother) the nikki audition clip. now, princess keeps talking about her, over and over and over. i'm not sure whether it's admiration i hear in her voice or "oh my god, that girl is an idiot". still trying to work it out.

oh and i told her there's some swearing before i showed her, she said to me: you swear mum.

[hangs head]

i try not to.

at least i don't talk about fit men and say i just love taking off my clothes and showing my body.

BEVIS said...

You should, though.

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