Friday, May 26, 2006

friday update, plus krispy kreme depletion rate stats.

sorry, but i have to keep this really business like.

hence the list:

1. there are 4 krispy kreme donuts left in the fridge.

2. gigi is on the up and up. i have cleared wood bits from back yard but at the moment she is lounging on her bed in the... lounge.

3. princess is home again. she is sipping on a honey and lemon concoction which tali's grandmother from school told me about.

4. i had morning tea with a friend. we ate two scones each, and half a spinach and fetta pastry thing from one of those chain bakeries that i detest.

5. we discussed going to the gym and walking/running regularly together.

6. we also discussed frock hunting and scrapbook making for wedding.

7. i haven't had a scrap book since i was in love with this man:

8. featuring adam ant twice in one week on my blog is a bit excessive, don't you think?

9. tammiodo asked who adam ant was. some people gave some info. in the comments section of a previous post. but for a more comprehensive answer, read on. adam ant, aka stuart goddard, was around in 1981. or that's when he started to get a bit more successful. he appeared in a punk rock* movie called jubilee, by derek jarman. adam had screen time totalling about 3 minutes, but i went to see it three times with naomi when we were in hsc, in 1981, at a dingy, shady cinema in town. my other friend di and i would raid the local newsagents for these sort of fold-out magazine things that were imported from england, cost a bomb but had the best pictures. i don't know if she made a scrapbook, but i know i did. i was 17. i got as many of his records as i could. singles. lps. we're talking vinyl here, kids. some of the sleeve artwork was incredibly fuelling to a young girl's crush fantasies, such as these:

his early songs were really different to his current stuff (at the time) and i felt adventurous and special because i hunted them down and listened to them and knew the words. i remember some lyrics:

"blood gushing, like a shower, plastic surgery!"

um, that's all i can remember.

i went to both his concerts at festival hall, wearing blowsy white shirt, wide piratey belt and skirt of some description. this went well with my black, suede, pixie boots, a la duran duran. i hunted high and low for those boots, and managed to find them somewhere in the city. they were my pride a joy. simone and i bought a picture story book of waltzing matilda, all tasteful and arty, and wrote in the front of it. something friendly and grown up and not at all crushy. and put our phone numbers. and addresses. and went to the southern cross (hotel which is gone now, but might be coming back?) and was allowed through the throngs of on-heat girls to walk it into the front desk. the girls stared at us like they wanted to stab us. we were in our school uniforms too.

then it all went horribly wrong. no, he didn't call. no, my fantasies did not come true. but that's not why it all came crashing down. it all went sour because the next album he released was this one:

so what? i hear you say.

look closer:

when i had fallen in love with a highwayman with a jacket like this:

how could i love a fop? so it all came to an end. i don't know what happened to the scrapbook. i wish i still had it. i've still got the records. they will come out one day.

10. i have to call officeworks and find out the turnaround time for printing my job.

11. john is going to the footy tonight. i guess i'll be thesising.

12. i think that's all. so much for the brief list. i spent far too much time on the adam ant bit. but it needed full explanation. it's the least i could do, considering the history.

* for some reason, this expression makes me sound like a nana.


Magical_M said...

There is no such thing as "spent far too much time on the adam ant bit".

You can never spend too much time discussing the Dandy Highwayman and his massive contribution to pop culture.

In fact when I come over to your house for schnitters and mash one day we are going to spend all our time discussing the early years, before it all went foppish.


sublime-ation said...

I don't even know what sentence y'all were talking about with the colon, but what I do love, I love about you, Master MG, (is there no female form? Mistress makes you sound like a bondage lady), is that you broke out the Style guide!
It is my Bible, I use it in all grammatical arguments (remember the terrible one I had over his family is/are where I burst into tears at a Chinese restaurant, then carried the photocopied pages from the style guide around with me til I saw those people again? They should seriously bring out a pocket ed. for people like me) and it was a birthday present from my mother.

Biggest. Word. Nerd. EVER.

Hows thesis going?

Guess what? I've written 44,450 words in six weeks and am finishing that chapter tomm. Can't wait to relax and we can have a donut togeth.

ps Jubilee is scary.

BEVIS said...

"how could i love a fop?"

Hey, don't ask us! You're the one who said yes when he proposed to you on the gondola!

Magical_M said...

oh dear.

we both got flogged.

not good.

let's go drown our sorrows somewhere.

barred young buck said...

oh baby. sometimes i just wanna bat off.

MelbourneGirl said...

fuck magical_m. i do not know what is worse. geelong losing, or having that horrible skinny-man-with-big-knob-sketch below your cute pic.

what the fuck is going on with geelong?

it's just so depressing.

sublime. thesis is going... all right. i have to get it in to officeworks by 6pm tomorrow, i want to leave myself a big lead time, to get the job done for pickup tuesday and then take it in to the department wednesday. i am doing my reference list and double checking everything and of course i am finding all sorts of fucking rubbish everywhere and have to take care of it, like the cleaner in pulp fiction. i open up the file and then it's like i have to shoot down them colons, and make sure everything matches up. and this is really hard to do when one has been out to a dinner party where the cheese platter brought one to the brink of orgasm, and the wine was served in really big glasses. and then we came home, and john is now snoring next to me, i have done some edits and now i am checking my favourite spots before i snuggle down.

i can't believe you've written so much, good girl.

so good night.


Tammiodo said...

MG thankyou so much. I feel much enlightened. Also quite young.... I was born in 1983.

MelbourneGirl said...

you are but a baby tammiodo. better to feel very young than very old, which how i am feeling this morning.

10.5 hours to go.

Magical_M said...

I must say I'm seriously disturbed by that "horrible skinny-man-with-big-knob-sketch below your cute pic".

His blog is quite disturbing too.

My tips are up the creek this week... I've got none so far. Let's hope Freo win or I'll be really stuffed.

I'd better let you get back to that thesis!


Tammiodo said...

I gave up on tipping when in the first two weeks I scored 1 & 2 respectively. I figure I actually have a better chance of doing well if I don't put in tips at all.

Tammiodo said...

oh, and yes it is lovely to be young. I hope to stay just so forever.

BEVIS said...


I said:

"how could i love a fop?"

Hey, don't ask us! You're the one who said yes when he proposed to you on the gondola!

MelbourneGirl said...

oh bevis, i know that's what you said. I WAS IGNORING YOU!

MelbourneGirl said...

oh bevis, i know that's what you said. I WAS IGNORING YOU!

MelbourneGirl said...

ooops, didn't mean to publish, i had more to say.

i was ignoring you, and then forgot to respond.

gondolas are very manly, and so is john. why he even had a pie and sausage roll at the football on friday night and he has a car with a spoiler.

what more do you need?

i have never been into the fop.

do you think fop is an abbreviation for something? like fairy-oriented person?

BEVIS said...

It's some kind of British word, meaning: Spunky Man Who Eats Pies And Sausage Rolls And Such.

(Literal meaning.)

MelbourneGirl said...