Thursday, May 18, 2006

this week's six feet under. you know the drill, don't read if you don't want it spoilt.

i'm so scared about how all this is going to end.

looks like brenda and nate are on the out. what the fuck is he thinking of? maggie hovers alluringly [so, perhaps, he thinks]. we found out this week she's a quaker. not that there's anything wrong with that, but why does she have to be a quaker? will it become relevant in some way? do they not believe in medicine, and so when her son was sick did she refuse treatment for him and let him die?

perhaps this will be revealed soon.

brenda is rightly pissed off with nate; when she said to him "just do what you want to do" she went straight to the crux of the matter. he never seems to do what he wants to do. he doesn't seem to even know. but his return to the family when his father died, his getting involved with the business [remember, david was pissed off that nate had seemed to just run away and left him having to work with his father] is perhaps another example of him doing what he thought he should do, which might not have been his true preference. again, with lisa; she got pregnant and he obviously thought the right thing to do was to marry her and make a family. which so didn't work either.

so what now?

i think ruth is realising that she has perhaps acted rashly; although the way george went off and got himself engaged so quickly is an indication that he really is not stable himself. remember, ruth is wife number 6 or something, so this is a pattern in his life. perhaps it's a cycle of being mentally well and getting his shit together and meeting someone, moving fast with an engagement and marriage, then things fall apart mentally for him, the marriage ends, and so it starts again.

vanessa and rico. shit, the writers just don't want anything to wrap up nicely do they? that's what i love about this show. the creators don't succumb to the easy option of the hollywood endings.

keith and david seem to be getting it together. out of all the vignettes, maybe these guys are going to be the ones to show how it is to live your life well and make good decisions and commit to things. truly commit. perhaps keith and david are going to be the only ones to triumph?

and claire. the best thing about this week's ep was the realisation that her work crew have got this in-joke going where they say "yeah, baby" in response to almost everything and everyone. it was done so subtly at times, where the voice volume was low and in the background, but still there's this chorus of "yeah babys" happening in the background, the foreground, everywhere.

love it.

yeah, baby. love it.

days until i want to submit my thesis: 7

days until i have to submit my thesis: 12


Clokeeeey! said...

As for Ruth, I noticed that the knitting circle, after convincing her that she needed to dump George, were not all that supportive of her single life, or her famouse potato salad.

Note: Rico needs to find better suits, he looks a little "midgety" when he walks into a room.

Hours before I leave work - 6
Hours to when I WANT to leave - .5

Magical_M said...

I told you Maggie was trouble.


Calling Nate in the middle of the night because she "has no one else".

Yeah, right.

Go make some (Quaker) oats or something Maggie but just LEAVE NATE AND BRENDA ALONE!!!

I'm not enjoying these last eps. I'm really not. I want happy endings.

elaine said...

I can't believe it's taken until now for me to be so sucked into SFU!

clokes, I never liked those knitters. Can't trust people who spend so much time on handicrafts.

Is it wrong that I like Maggie? I still like Brenda and think Nate's being an ass-hat so I'm not entirely evil.

Vanessa should never have taken Rico back. Rico should not have gone back.
(I have a firm rule about this)


Good work with the thesis.
*bracing slap on the back and a cup of tea to keep you going*

MelbourneGirl said...

ruth just didn't listen when she was told not to bring anything to the partay. also, she really realised that she was a fish out of water amongst "society" like that, and i think her knitting friends did too.

it's just sad.

you're right elaine about vanessa and rico; it'll be interesting to find out why she did take him back. i'm sure we will.

yes, m_m, nate is being a prick; he just doesn't get it does he. he needs to grow up.

and maggie, yes you picked her early on for being a worry.

clokey, only 2 hours to go.

ps schnitters and mash for dinner!

Clokeeeey! said...

I forgot to mention our office "in joke". It's "Oi-ee".
It's only used in my immediate team and is used in many situations. I might try to introduce the GOB chicken dance.

PS: My favourite.
PPS: 1.25 hours to go.

BEVIS said...

Days until you WILL submit your thesis (at this rate): 34

sublime-ation said...

aw, you and clokes r so CWUTE!


How come you want LESS time to submit thesis? shouldn't it be other way round?

sublime-ation said...

ps BEVIS: wasting time blogging/on blogs helps speed up the writing process, 'k?

Magical_M said...

Schnitters & mash?? Can I come to your place for dinner?


Pretty please?

I love schnitters. And mash.

MelbourneGirl said...

sublime: reason why i want to submit early = we are going to a friend's dinner party on the 27th (sat night) and i would like to "properly relax" but it may not work out that way.

sorry m_m of course you are always welcome and had you popped in tonight there would have been a schnitzel for you but we ate it -john and i split it.

and bevis. you are so funny. sublime speaks the truth; blogging helps break up the serious stuff that's going down here at my desk.

and clokey, yes i've heard that oi-ee before. i am not that partial to it, i must say. i much prefer the cocococo dance. just thinking about it makes me laff.

BEVIS said...

I am so advised.

Another Outspoken Female said...

What have the channel 9 dickhead programmers done? Tell me its not so the SFU is on at midnight!

MelbourneGirl said...

yes aof. it was on at midnight last night. we have taped it. i hope you managed to tape it?

Another Outspoken Female said...

Taped and watched. Or are you saving it for post thesis?

Its turning into a bit of a morality tale. But am glad Ruth is finally letting her hair down :)