Thursday, May 25, 2006

the house of doom

time for a quick update on all things melbournegirl.
as it stands, i have one sick child at home (different to princess, she is back at school, and another is now home).
i feel i am not well, but holding it off so i can get through the next few days.
one sick dog, still. but she is so much on the improve, fingers crossed. thanks dxxxx for your lovely thoughts and non-prayer wishes. i don't do the prayer thing either, but am moved to speak of prayers when things go all black. i don't know why, i believe in the power of what would otherwise be known as prayer.
i apologise for this terrible writing.
yesterday the vet x-rayed the gigi, and said either she had an obstruction, which they would only confirm by opening her up, or colitis, which is inflamation of the colon.

i'm not shitting you, we have a colon thing going on, on all fronts here.
the x-rays showed huge, loopy, gaseous intestines, but were not conclusive in terms of an obstruction.
so a very sad and ginger and droopy puppy was sent home with mummy. she ate some dinner last night, a small amount of raw chicken mince and cooked rice stirred through. wolfed it down. she is taking pills, shoved into the food, and i have to syringe 20mls of pink gloop down her throat and then of course as she swallows it, it spills out of her mouth onto my hand.
i won't tell you about the diarrhoea.
mother love.
but she is perkier than she has been in days. she lies on her bed and manages a tail wag when i talk to her. the vet said she tried to bite him when he was examining her again before the x-ray, and she was whimpering in pain as i held her when he checked her nether regions yesterday morning. but she didn't try to bite me.
thesis is going ok. i have to hand it in next wednesday. my supervisor is taking me out to lunch, to discuss the next step, maybe applying for a research grant together, with another academic. might be good.
and guess what. john arrived home from work last night, amongst the drama (mine), the exhaustion (mine) with a huge box of krispy kremes. the mixed dozen. we shared two last night and then i got indigestion and had to have a glass of milk before bed.
but they are sitting there, in the fridge.
i'll be good and wait until i get the other two from school, and we can share a couple.
back to work.
number of krispy kremes left in the fridge: 10


Another Outspoken Female said...

Princess Prissy Paws* had an obstructed bowel. The vet did the x-ray, said it might be a lymphoma. He could open her up to find out, but not cure it. His advise was if i didn't want to go with the sugery option, take her home. If she was alive a year later, let him know.

That was 8 years ago. I changed her diet to only natural food, gave her lots of love and did a few witchy things. She's asleep on my nap now (after being a jealous, howling cat all night that some man dared to sleep on HER side of the bed!).

My tip for getting the goop in. I can feed her any medicine if its mixed in with a little plain yoghurt. Give it a go.

I know your sick paws are of another species, but if a mere cat can come back from the dead - it should be easy for a dog :)

Dxxxx said...

Good to hear the gigi is on the mend.
I bet she'll take all the loving and spoiling she can while she feels icky. (I know I always do)

Krispy Kremes all round!!!

MelbourneGirl said...

thank you both. and i'll try the yoghurt trick, she will just lap it all up, i know it.

the worrying thing is gigi is only 18 months old. she has a great diet, very rare treats (which are certified doggy treats, no human food other than occasional rice and raw chicken bits and pieces)

krispy kreme donut update: 6 left in the fridge.

Clokeeeey! said...

I better get home before they all disappear.

Chai said...

I thought Clokeys comment was funny.

BEVIS said...

Hehe ... I loved that colon reference. Very nice touch.

Sorry to hear about almost everything else you spoke about. I hope things (and everyone at the house; human and canine both) recover quickly "from what ails ya".

And those Krispy Kremes sure don't last long, do they!