Thursday, May 18, 2006

six weird things or habits about me, it's a meme for pomgirl

gee it's been a while since i got tagged. i think i have a reputation for not liking them. i don't mind doing them, but i don't like tagging people. ever since the last time i tagged someone, and it all got a little crazy, i guess i have avoided it.

i struggled with this list. i couldn't think of things, but in the end came up with some. all are true and i'm sorry if some freak you right out.

here are the six weird things or habits about me. or maybe they're not weird. maybe just not every-day.


i know the words to most of the songs on the first side of the evita album. the original, with julie covington.

often in the back of my mind, while i'm going about my day, i have a visual backdrop of certain spots around my old school's playground.
i thought it was weird too. i've only just realised i do this. it's like a song stuck in my head, but less intrusive.


i used to have dreams where i had something like steel wool stuck in my throat. i would just breathe around it, and be pulling it all out. sometimes it would be pins. there was no pain, just inconvenience.


i am obsessed with clipping articles from the newspaper. this can range from a good leunig, to pieces on all sorts of things. i have archive box upon archive box of them, going back years and years - to the 80s. some are inspirational and i like to collect oddments. others are political. others are human interest. some are funny.

clearly i am going to be an old lady with purple hair, too many cats and papers piled high in my death-trap flat in another 40 years.


i have been left a pair of white shoes in someone else's will

i can't be bothered finding the actual reference itself, you'll just have to trust me. certain readers can vouch for this. i know there was some jealousy.


i don't find george clooney at all attractive.

had you there for a minute, didn't i?

ok, my real number 6 is this. it's a true confession of massive enormity.....

once upon a time, this was the man i loved most in the world.

what a spunk!

do you want to know what he looks like now?

are you sure?

[sobs uncontrollably]


fluffy said...

These things are not weird! OK maybe the newspaper clippings are a tad eccentric.

The backdrop of your old school's playground is something I get a lot but with a few different places: school playground, my aunt's old house, my old house... pretty much anywhere I knew well before I was 5.

I too was in love with Adam Ant. Where did his lovely cupid's bow lips go?

Chai said...
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Pomgirl said...

Thanks MG, I enjoyed reading your answers. I'm actually really jealous that you will have all those boxes of newspaper clippings to look through when you're an old laydee. I will just have the cats and all the cardboard boxes I never seem to recycle.

My best friend and I used to stick plasters on our faces to look like Adam Ant. So sad that he has got fat and mental.


Chai said...

(Apologies for deleted comment. Corrected the photo link).
Adam Ant? I wonder what he looks like these days... Wonder no more. A 2001 pic. Not that I would know but I would hazard a guess that George is more attractive now than before. *clears throat*

Steph said...

Just think of all the great blog fodder you have in those clippings. If you're still blogging when you're a dotty old lady, they'd be GOLD!

Tammiodo said...

I think I'd have to agree with Fluffy... Those things aren't really very weird. A little out of the ordinary perhaps, but just not downright weird...

P.S. Who is Adam Ant?
P.P.S. Am i too young?
P.P.P.S. Would you please tell me anyway?

Magical_M said...

OK! I'm coming clean... I'm another Adam Ant tragic.

But I bet you suspected that already.

Tammiodo - Adam was the dandy highwayman whose most notable hits were "Stand & Deliver" and "Ant Music". The Ants were his band.

Sadly, I don't think even the $10 CD shops sell his album. You might be able to find one on eBay though.

Oh and mg, I'll vouch for you on the white shoes.

problematic said...

That's right baby.

How can you find Clooney unattractive?

Dxxxx said...

I don't find Mr Clooney the least bit attractive. But then again i am an alien and all.

Also, I am gagging just thinking about the steel wool in the throat business.

Adam Ant was such a star. Bless.