Friday, May 05, 2006

spare a thought

while you are praying for my soul, against the satanic pull of youtube, please think about this bloke and his mate, trapped under ground for 10 days now.

i just got out of the shower and was thinking, in the time they have been trapped i have done the following:

had about 8 showers (one little secret, i don't always wash every day. i don't go to an office and hang with other people.)

(so i can get a little fruity if i want)

washed my hair twice

eaten about thirty meals, plus occasional sneaky snacks

watched about 8 hours of tv

watched one angelina jolie special on youtube

found what has to be the best lady-arse in the world (also on youtube. wait, be patient. i may share)

taken the gigi for about 6 or 7 walks

cooked about 5 meals

heated up about 5 lunches

had sex about 3 times?

maybe 2

sad, isn't it?

sent about 10 text messages, or maybe 8

made very few phone calls, maybe 5

done about fifty wees

had one vag wax, i think. i think that was last week. no, that was the week before. strike that.

watched the two chinese boys i want it like that in full about one.thousand.times.

vaccuumed once

entertained friends for dinner once

drunk about.... mmmm... too many glasses of wine

driven to uni twice, i think

eaten pork zero times

had cous cous for lunch twice

not eaten enough fruit

slept ten times

been to the supermarket about 3 or 4 times

mailed one letter

bought the age ten times

read one new weekly mag

wished i looked like angelina, even 8 months pregnant: once or twice

hugged my princess: about 20 times

told her i love her: about 20 times

read 132 pages of a new book - by mr easton ellis

sat down at this fucking computer: 100 times

gotten up to make a cup of tea: 100 times

noticed why my shoulders are getting really tired and sore, and why my brain wakes up way before my body does: constantly in the last ten days.


the miners have been stuck in a cage, buried alive, in a space 3m x 1m. i just don't know how they are keeping it together.

but they've got an ipod. and other stuff. and i really really hope they get out soon. and ok, without something really bad happening. whenever i think of them, i kind of hold my breath. it's the same when i watch people diving under water. even though the big blue is one of my favourite movies, i think i almost passed out a few times while watching it.

let's hold hands and wish the miners well.

ps. back to me, helooo! oooooh! over here. just one more thing. do you think i should say yes to an ipod for mother's day? i just don't think i'd use it. is it poor form to put in an order for mother's day? is it ungracious? part of me thinks it is. another part of me thinks a mother needs all the gifts she can get her hands on.


Dxxxx said...

If you don't think you'd use it, then choose something else I guess - although you might find you'd use it more than you think! It's never poor form to put in requests - better you get something you actually want instead of some crap that's a waste of both your time and the purchaser's money... (and if it's for Mother's Day, it's probably actually YOUR (and/or Clokey's) money anyway, so better to put it to good use, I say.

Yeah i hope they get those poor guys out soon, I would be going INSANE by now. I can't breathe just thinking about it.

As comparison to what you have done...
I have done 15 classes at the gym, run about 40km's, had about 20 showers/hairwashes (when you get sweaty that often, you need to shower twice a day) had about 12 coffees and about 9 cups of tea, 2 date scones, been out to dinner once.... and I don't keep too much track of my toilet habits hahaha

MelbourneGirl said...

dear dstah, these are the depths at which i am existing these days. everything is measured out in the coffee-spoon equivalent, for me toilet business.

maybe i'll take out the poo bit.

Clokeeeey! said...

OK, i think it's been 3 times (at least) and if you don't ask or give good clear and concise clues, you don't get :-)

MelbourneGirl said...

sorry readers. i should have made it clearer:

clokey is always up for it. it's ME THAT IS THE COLD FISH.

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BEVIS said...

Ha! That little interchange between Clokeeeey and MG was very amusing!!

But I wish I saw the 'poo version' of this post.


elaine said...

We're big birthday/christmas listmakers in our clan. Don't consider it "ordering" rather letting people know the sorts of things that are striking your fancy that you probably aren't going to buy for yourself.

ps. you really are getting to the very end of the thesis, aren't you?
xxxxxx (I understand!!!)

obtuse-a said...

me so cynical. me think of conversation like 'gotta hang in there, mate, opportunity of a lifetime.' *Kaching, kaching, kaching*

still, it could have been worse. imagine if one of them didn't make it during the ordeal.

Anonymous said...

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