Friday, May 12, 2006

of boots and men

now that the miners are safely out, and the media are intent on spoiling everything, i did tell you so, i can relax back into my trite observations.

is it that they make a different sound on the footpath?

do i walk differently?

i know i'm taller but really; what's the big deal with the boots?

i bought some new boots. they are brown. they have a beautiful heel.

today i went up the street to have lunch with a girlfriend. i seemed to get so many looks, from the old dude hanging near the rsl to the tradey crossing the pedestrian lights, and then from all types in between.

it's like for some men


somehow becomes this

which clearly is an announcement that i am about to break into this

in the middle of the street.

yesterday when i mentioned to my honey i'd bought new boots (expecting him to gulp and ask how much) he merely made a noise like a little baby lion growl.

what is it about boots?


BEVIS said...

They go all the way up.

End of discussion.

DJ said...

You mean you don't know?

sublime-ation said...

How good are boots? And they keep your feet and legs warm, and you fear not puddles nor rain. I love boots, but my honey prefers me in sneakers.
Then again, he is unlike most men.

MelbourneGirl said...

john and i were talking about this last night. it seems perhaps it might have something to do with:

1. lengthening the leg, ie flats just don't have the same effect on him, and it can be non-boot shoes; it's all in the heel

2. it raises your bottom higher

i guess i knew all this re heels, but the boot thing i wasn't sure why there seemed to be such a thing about it.

i love my new boots. they are ace.

Susanne said...

That's it!

I'm getting boots.

anne altman said...


and true

and i have no idea why. something to do with the hidden calf/burlesque-y tease-y effect?