Monday, May 29, 2006

the thing, it be done.

1. thesis is at officeworks. will be ready for collection by 4pm, three copies, bound with black plastic cone, clear acetate cover and black back.

2. i forgot to spell check it.


but don't worry. i remembered while i was relaxing in the bath, so got out, got back on the horse and spell checked the fucker.

3. i got up at 6.15 this morning to have the disk at officeworks at 7am.

4. last night john and i got indian take away, set the table with linen, lit candles and opened a bottle of champagne. then we at the last two donuts and watched the tape of prison break.

5. gigi is back to 100 percent, she is jumping out of her skin and ready for a walk. i haven't done anything about the wood other than to collect up what she was chewing and all the bits. will keep a close eye on her.

6. we watched the six feet under tape. what the fuck? does anyone remember nate having a brain tumour scare in one of the earlier seasons? i have the feeling that something very bad is going to happen to all of them. keith and david and the kids will have a bad car crash when they go on holiday, or plane crash, or something. claire will get murdered by billy. ruth and her new-old friend will get savaged by bears in the woods, where they have just arrived to go camping. rico and vanessa, i just don't know. house break-in? brenda, don't know. i don't know anything, but i have very bad feelings.

7. i cried when casserole died on neighbours last week. i did it discreetly, but i didn't want to look at princess because then she would start bawling too, and we'd both be a mess. i confess to really loving neighbours.

8. i also confess to watching a big brother, i think it was friday's show. then i watched some of the friday night games. i watched a couple of big brother series in the early days then was put off big time by hearing poles were installed in the house last time [sorry nadine] and that the girls were really skanky. i don't need the impressionable minds around here (mine included) to be exposed to the ideas that to be a woman you have to be sexy, and that's all you've got to offer. anyway, this current crop seem ok, i was impressed with the girls and their survivor-food-challenge type of iron guts, so i can see i will probably get sucked in. and then need to visit bevis to get up to speed on all things big brother '06.

i think that's all for today.

oh no, a few more.

9. number of items to read on my bed: 2 x mags, weekend papers x 3.

10. length of time i will stay in my nightie* today, at least two more hours. i want to see afternoon and still be in bed.

11. number of lunches i am going out to this week - 3. wednesday with my supervisor, thursday with my girlgang, friday with my bro and mum. so, yay me.

12. i expect i might have a psychotic reaction to being finished. a kind of anti-climactic flatness that might manifest in being gloomy and snappy and wanting to eat too much. has any one else done theses, etc. and found this to happen?

stay well, and has anyone fed the cotton yet?

and does anyone know what's happened to locket?

* before any of you (not looking at bevis) says "oh, but didn't you go out at 6.30 this morning? Did you wear your nightie??!! Hmmmm?? Hmmmm???" I say thusly:

i put it back on when i got home. got back into bed. read. got up to blog. and now am heading back.


Another Outspoken Female said...


I had a vision of you laying the table, opening the wine and sitting down to a donut each on a nice china plate :)

Re Nate - yes he has this brain thing that almost killed him (end of series 1 maybe). I don't think anything nasty will happen to the boys on holiday. Ruth's friend is the guy she had an affair with while she was married (first husband).

Happy nightie day - long may they continue :)

Dxxxx said...

Hi MG.
Thanks for the love. Love the love. Miss you etc.

I'm glad all is well in the house of doom. and of no donuts.

Mega-congrats on the thesis. We are all proud of you. I almost feel like I've had to do it too, and can I tell you, boy am i glad it's all over, it was real hard work! hahaha
You don't need spellcheck anyway, youse ar a gud spella awredy!

Enjoy your week of lunching and no thesis.


sublime-ation said...

Woohoo! Congrats! It's funny, I feel somehow part of the process, been reading you for, what the past year? And you've been doing your thesis, it's great you're done.
Spellchecking the worst: and soooo hard to do your own stuff. I have 2 eds and 2 proof readers; one for the language accuracy and one for the art accuracy, and they find so many mistakes, even though I can't see them.

I haven't had any time to feed Cotton, and don't know where Locket is. Darcy's still out, too.

Magical_M said...

Hurrah on the finishing of the thesis! I had several drinks in your honour this evening.

(That's the excuse I'm using for drinking on a Monday night anyway.)

I don't know about you but I'm crap at proof-reading and spell-checking anything I've written.

I'm ace at proof-reading and spell-checking other people's work though.

Locket was supposed to come and see Cotton's play with me yesterday but she was ill (read: hungover).

Given how he looked on stage, Cotton is in need of a damn good feed.

However he knows I have a fridge full of food and is welcome to come and eat it. He just needs to remember where I live.

BEVIS said...

That's very amusing! Thanks for the double shout-out. Feel free to ask me any BB question you like, if you're saying you're not quite caught up on things (although it wouldn't be too hard to work it out).

Sorry to hear about your reaction to Casserole's passing, although I thought the writers 'utilised' it well as a plot device, with the Karl/Susan thing (even if a ridiculously-large number of neighbours attended her funeral - for a sheep we rarely saw and who never saw other neighbours in the street). The fact that it brought you to tears shows just how sweet you are.

Congrats on the thesis, I'm very glad to hear it's done.

I hope you won't get too depressed post-thesis. Fill up the empty void with hours upon hours of fun bloggy-goodness!!

Enjoy your lunches, your nightie-encased mornings/afternoons in bed reading, and the knowledge that you did a great job on your thesis and it is finally behind you.

PS - I predict, without ever having watched an entire episode of Six Feet Under, that the show will end with them all dying. That's the idea behind the show, after all. Sounds like they're setting them up for tragedy, from what you're saying, and I'm not basing this on anything I've read or heard. I think some will die of natural causes, some will die from some kind of accident, some will kill themselves, and some will kill each other. (Ain't I one to lighten the mood?)

MelbourneGirl said...

thanks everyone. i too feel that you have been with me during my thesis-period; and i tell you, blogging has helped me through it and i believe really allowed me to remain sane and remain on track with my work. it's been like rewarding myself for doing the work.

m_m - please say hi to locket, and tell her i hope she's ok and that i miss her.

aof - well done on your appearance in the paper, i am intending to catch up on your blogs now i'll have more time.

on the topic of spelling, yes i am a good speller, but like some of you have said, it's easier to do other people's work that your own. and of course i ran out of time to get my lovely mum to read it over, even though she offered many times. i'm too scared to look at it now, i don't want to see any mistakes. i now have three spiral bound copies of 161 pages sitting in an officeworks box ready to be driven into uni tomorrow.

it's a great feeling.

and the week of lunches is to segue into a weekend of lunches as well. my bro is coming down from canberra (which i've mentioned, as friday lunch is with him and mum), but we have saturday brunch with him and dad, then they go to the footy, to watch geelong lose, and then sunday we have lunch here for dad's birthday.

(clokey if you're reading this, this is what's happening. hope you're ok with it. we were going to picnic but weather will be crap. everyone is bringing their own meat and jo and i will do salads.)

and finally to sfu. bevis, i think you may be right. john ruined last night's show for himself by looking at the green guide. we have it taped and will watch tonight. it's just an awful feeling i have, that what you say will come to pass, and you are so right, that is the whole show's premise: everybody dies. all of us.

anyway. today i have a million things i want to do, but i'm going to make sure i only do a few of them. i don't want to overdo it, as i feel princess' virus lurking around the edges of my body. she is much improved, but i am feeling a bit off. i have an appointment with our naturopath/witch next week. boy, she's great, but she's so expensive. but worth it.

elaine said...

As one-who-knows-about-such-things (not that I handed my thesis in) I say you are spectabulous.


*cracks champagne*

BEVIS said...

Ha! I love that you've informed Clokeeeey of the goings-on around the house via a comment on your own blog!

I hope you let him know the facts in person at some stage as well??

MelbourneGirl said...

yes bevis i did.

it's the way of the world, the new order, the new culture,
"New Times".

but it is something i have to be careful of.

thankyou for making sure i do the right thing, ie face to face is still the most important way to communicate with your partner!

BEVIS said...

I was just emailing the same thought exactly to Wifey the other day ...

*drum fill*

Susanne said...

I can't wait until I finish my thesis. It must be such a relief to have it done, spell-checked or not-spell-checked.

Rowena said...

Congratulations on completing your thesis MG. It must feel like giving birth ... or perhaps not.

MelbourneGirl said...

ha bevis, you are funny. but don't read further if you know what's good for you. (sorry, i know you won't be able to resist but don't say i didn't warn you).

susanne, it is a great feeling to have it done, away, over, gone, finito. but it is still my baby, so rowena you're right too.

but i think it shredded my brain in an equivalent way to how princess shredded my nether region; only metaphorically of course.

BEVIS said...

Oh. I see.

(I wish I'd heeded your warning.)

"My eyes! My eyes!"