Friday, July 14, 2006

almost there, happy bastille day

guess what?

i got a four-hour park in carlton today.

i know, that's almost impossible.

this meant i could have my meeting at melb uni. THEN go to tiamo's for a mucho rapido plate of spaghetti marinara (have i mentioned on here that during my uni days i used to eat a lot of spaghetti marinara, like everywhere i went that served it, with the intention of enjoying the centenary marinara in italy? this plan fell off its wheels around marinara number 60-70 when i got a bit tired of them. the palate will let you down like that. i had a bit of a break, and now am re-engaging with the marinara. anyway, tiamo's is one of the original sources of this indulgence. i know, their marinara is not gourmet, and it eats like one of those supermarket mixes, which i DETEST, however i will argue to the death that tiamo's marinara has a well-deserved place on my list, in much the same way you never forget the person who took your virginity. tiamo's took my marinara maidenhead.)

you can tell i'm getting excited because i'm talking too much.

then after the tiamo-spaghetti-bolt while reading the paper, i went around the back of readings to the french deli sublime-ation tipped me off about.

it's not there anymore.

it's now in lygon street, next to the anz bank, at no. 290 i think.

on my way there from the old laneway place, i stopped at that food and wine store on the corner of lygon and help me out here, elgin? it runs up to the uni, almost at the sidney myer asia centre.

and there i bought a cote du rhone for $20.

and their absinthe was $70 per (very spesh) bottle.

i didn't buy it. i thought, more cash for cheese.

but then i went to the cheese shop, they had gay* little french flags going and the server-girls had parfait french accents. there i got:

roquefort - $10

a brie'ye type of white cheese - $10

and some gruyere. also $10.

so that's only $30.

i've decided to make french onion soup for entree which won't be expensive. so now i think i might go to dan murphy's to price the absinthe.

i want to try the fucking absinthe.

thanks to everyone for suggestions. the caramelised onion tartlets sound gorgeous fluffy. i might email you anyway for the low-down.

so this is our menu.

1. french onion soup made the nice way

2. boeuf bourgignon

3. cheese

i think that will all work well.

* this meant in the enid blyton way. princess yesterday mentioned something about someone in the harry potter book we are reading together now (number 5? the phoenix one) "behaving queerly", as in suspiciously or oddly. it was so quaint and so very very blyton. i suppressed a smile. i love her so much.


Another Outspoken Female said...

Beware the green fairy. She gave me the most agonising reflux I've ever had in my life. Like a fool I didn't blame her. Went for more the next time I was at Polly's and whamo....not fun.

But the flame and the sugar cube is tres bon!

MelbourneGirl said...

hey aof. we were wondering how to do the absinthe thing. yes, a sugar cube so i believe. the flame, how does the flame come into it?

for i have bought the spesh bottle at dannyboy murphys for $15 less than in carlton, and $35 less than my beloved saw in town.

it sits now on my sideboard, green and very very pretty.

the reflux you say. we won't overdo it. i promise.

sublime-ation said...

WHAT???!!??? It's moved??

Oh I've been too long in this damn office.

King & Godfreys, by the way. Used to be an Italian restaurant when I was a kid I'd have a tartufo there with my grandpa every Sat.

I like Tiamo too, and Universita does good pasta too, and Donnini's.

fluffy said...

Faraday :o)

Anonymous said...

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