Thursday, July 27, 2006

tim fischer, i think i love you.

tim fischer has got it down. the man is talking sense.
he's saying israel is targeting civilians and the un positions. he says it's happened before, that israel bombed/missiled a un outpost in exactly the same place as the one done a few days ago. the previous time 104 fijian un peacekeepers were killed. he said, there is "form" on this subject, and there is a "rogue element" in the israeli "military machine." he also said he is getting lots of emails from israel-supporters, which is what always happens when anyone speaks out against israel, the government. not israel, the people. [this is not necessarily in the article above; i heard him on the radio. and apart from him not being able to pronounce 'reco[G]nise' he was pretty damn good.]
anyway, it's just not like me to agree with a national party politician. because i'm one-eyed, biased and clearly can't look at both sides of an argument. i also like to wholly embrace stereotypes, and paint all people with the same conservative brush, including alot of labor people.
things that have shitted me so far today:
have you noticed the plastic bags in supermarkets are getting thinner? I KNOW, I KNOW, THE GREEN BAGS. stop shouting, i use those, but on the occasion where i have a leaky jar of golden syrup, like today, i ask for a separate plastic bag. so kill me. and then once i have that plastic bag, i want to load it up, make the fucker work in penance of the environmental havoc it is going to cost our planet. so in goes a bag of bread, in goes 2.5 kilos of meat, and then it starts to break.
the other thing that shits me, but not today [yet] is this. has anyone noticed that "verse" is now used as a verb? ok, we have geelong versus collingwood. and we have "verse" as a noun, ie writing some verse. but now kids of today are saying things like "we versed the other team and beat them". am i the only one who is being constantly deranged by this phenomenon? and it is a phenomenon. it is happening all over melbourne i bet. can we do a small survey? any readers with kids around melbourne please report back to me: do your kids say this? and in which region in melbourne do they go to school? you don't have to say the second bit if you don't want. and if you are overseas and have kids, is this travesty of english happening over there, wherever you are? do you correct your kids? i've corrected princess and she resists me, calls me old fashioned [this is like a slap in the face. moi? old-fashioned?] and says "that's what all the kids say. mum, move into the modern times!"
so, to my today.
i am not taking the gigi to dog training classes.
sad gigi.
i'm also not going to gym.
sad melbournegirl.
reason = i am sick, again, and this is another thing that's shitting me today.
what i am going to do is make boeuf bourgignon (again) and spaghetti bolognaise and upside-down pear cake (this is the best, people have orgasms when they eat this cake. really!). john's family are coming over for dinner. usually we go north to his parents' place on a thursday night for the big italiano feast. but his parents are away in qld having a holiday so i thought it would be nice to have his bro and family and sis and family down south to eat.
it was a good idea, but unfortunately my work has cranked up. the research stuff i am on top of, and thankfully i don't have to go into uni on monday for a meeting, but i am doing stuff for my brother as well, and he has a symposium he's organised at a uni interstate, and i am debugging his software as he writes it, as well as making edits to the userguide. it's really hard and makes my head hurt. i am a text girl, not a computer geek. though i try, and i can use latex and know a bit about using linux. i feel like a hacker when i talk like this. it's like that scene in a fish called wanda where john cleese is wooing jamie lee curtis with his russian and italian etc. and she is going wild. for some reason, hacker-talk does the same to me. i. don't. know. why.
anyway, away. to boeuf. to pears. to mozilla. and to the rest of the day.


elaine said...


I LOVE LaTeX. I typeset both my theses in it.

Anyone who uses word to typeset a thesis has rocks in their head. The Latex 'times' font is particularly nice for a times font.

Yes, I'm a geek.

And MG, feel better, ok?

Chai said...

It's funny how come politicians become rational/sensible AFTER they leave politics. viz Fraser.

And I used LaTex for my thesis and misc papers as well.

And yes, I got into I.T. to meet women.

Chai said...

Am incoherent today. First sentence should read "It's funny how politicians become..."

ThirdCat said...

re versed - yes, I have heard it used here (SA) and it sounds bloody awful. But I'm not going to complain about it too much, because I heard someone talking (whinging) about it on the radio the other day and they sounded kind of, erm, old.

MelbourneGirl said...

my brother put me onto latex for work i was doing for him. he said i should use it for my thesis. i didn't listen to him, and used word.

[shakes head]

can you hear the rocks. they ARE there.

suffice to say, IF i do a phd, it will be done in latex.

you're right chai about some politicians getting with it after they leave politics. yes, fraser is an excellent example. once, he was most detested by myself, i am old enough to have voted for hawke in 1983. but now, fraser's is one of the few sensible humanitarian voices.

they thirdcat. you make me laugh. i guess i am kind of, erm, old.

please return and be involved in the informal poll i am dong today here on the blog.

MelbourneGirl said...

it's very important, this poll that i'm dong.

[shakes head]

Chai said...

You know, this sentence of yours "my brother put me onto latex for work i was doing for him." could be quite easily misconstrued if one didnt have the context of the discussion.

MelbourneGirl said...

you're right chai. someone could think that. i think my bro would be very amused at the idea of him being a pimp, up there in canberra. he wouldn't be the only one.

so i should always write LaTeX to be clear.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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