Monday, July 17, 2006

snippets from the brain of mg, today, monday 16 july, 2006

"open war"

"civilians burnt alive"

death toll in lebanon 90+, ALMOST ALL CIVILIANS

two israeli women and one boy dead

one israeli sailor found dead, three missing

no pressure from us government to see if israel can be persuaded to ceasefire

150 lebanese targets hit by israel, fewer than a dozen of them linked directly to hezbollah

tens of thousands displaced lebanese, mainly poor, forced to flee for safety

"israel's crushing military onslaught against gaza and lebanon has killed scores of people"


other things in the mix:

r.kelly "melodies"

the green fairy and thoughts that it was quite good

research work i should be doing now

maybe i have to go to canberra in a couple of weeks to help with some training at a conference

it'd be nice to have a holiday in the sun somewhere this year

it won't happen. we are trying to keep expenditure down

but when that carpet sells... maybe...

no, it's best to keep any extra money for the trip next year

roquefort is really a bit watery. castello blue beats it hands down

should i take gigi for a walk, it's not raining anymore

i need to vacuum

i need to have a shower before i pick the kids up

i can vacuum then and maybe we'll take the gige for a walk then too

yay geelong

poor collingwood

i loved stick it. it's a great movie and i will tell anybody and everybody probably several times to see it

wonder when we are going to get a chance to watch some of the david attenborough planet earth shows i've been taping

i love the way attenborough is just referred to as david by me, princess and my mum. princess is a long-term fan. she's been learning about all things nature from david for years. when other kids were dancing to wiggles and watching play school, she was learning about giant water pythons that can ingest a whole cow; breeding cycles of almost everything that breathes and the difference between mammals and marsupials.

david is the best. it'll be a truly sad day when he dies. princess cried when, after watching an abba documentary, she learned that they broke up decades ago. she also was very upset to hear roald dahl was no longer with us. but i think when david moves on, we will have to light candles and have some sort of ritual.


elaine said...

I'm more stilton than roquefort.

I think roquefort gets the rap because of the whole thing where it was banned a few years ago as the milk is unpastuerised.

Why is no western government labelling the Israeli government as hostile or terrorist wehn they're bombing Beirut and not Hezbollah controlled regions?

MelbourneGirl said...

hey elaine. will try stilton next time. we have the roquefort moldering in the fridge. should try and eat it i suppose. yeah, it's that whole illicit thing that makes people [baa] go for stuff.

and your question re the israeli government. the answer i think is the same reason why the alliance invaded iraq, why the australian government is not pushing for david hicks to be sent back here. it's all about staying on the "right" people's right sides.

be careful, if you talk about the israeli government as being hostile or terrorist, you might get painted as an anti-semite.

Anonymous said...

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