Saturday, July 22, 2006

new turkish islamic swimwear

the newspaper tells me that these are now available in turkey. that "conservative women" don't swim because they don't want to bare their flesh on the beach.

well, that's bullshit. more than 15 years ago, i saw conservative women swimming at the beach on the south of turkey. they were wearing their clothes: big baggy skirts/pantaloon things with big baggy t-shirts. and headscarves.

they got wet. they lolled in the shallows. they laughed and screamed and giggled. they stayed in for hours and hours. they were just loving that water.

and then when they got out, their clothes clung to their every curve. their every mountainous bosom, rounded hip, pendulous belly. you could see their bras through the thin, transparent t-shirt fabric.

and i thought to myself "that looks sexier than a high-cut maillot."

which is exactly what this little number will look like, once it hits the med.

well, maybe not sex-ier. but pretty damn RAUNCHY nevertheless.


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