Friday, July 07, 2006

bring david hicks home

带来大卫hicks 在家

breng het huis van David hicks

apportez les hicks de David à la maison

holen Sie David hicks nach Hause

φέρτε το σπίτι του Δαβίδ hicks

porti i hicks di david a casa

デイヴィッドのhicks を家に持って来なさい

데비드 XXks을 집으로 가져오십시요

traga hicks de david para casa

принесите hicks Давида домой

traiga los hicks de David a casa

bring david hicks home

komma med david hicks hem

أحضرت دايفيد هكس إلى البيت

david hicks eve getir


John Surname said...

ah this david hicks thing makes me angry. i hope my government never abandons me.

BEVIS said...

I agree with all of those statements except the sixth one.

I do not want a guy in a port-a-loo to give me a hickie in my Spanish/Mexican home.

Alternatively (in case I have mistranslated the phrase in question), I do not agree that Portia Di Rossi is a hick and played 'David' in The Castle.

Javatari said...

Ultimately the question is, does the punishment fit the crime or even alledged crime and in this case I reckon most people would say it does NOT.

'All evil has to do to win is for good people to do nothing.'

Magical_M said...

Is it really trite of me to want to start singing sections of Les Miserables after reading that post?

I really don't mean to be. I'm very concerned about David Hick's welfare and angry about little johnny's lack of action.

Its just the words "bring him home" repeated over again remind me of my teenage musical theatre obsession.

MelbourneGirl said...

yes, john. me too. grrrr.

bevis. you are a funny frog and i love you.

javatari - that's a good quote isn't it? and i think no one can talk about punishment until the crime has been proven in a court of law.

m_m: triteness always welcome here, even though sometimes i rail against it, i do love trite.

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BEVIS said...