Tuesday, July 11, 2006

short break in french theme, to bring you


first you need this:

then sit back and watch the show, which has it all. intrigue, betrayal and lots of sex.

who will win?

i don't care; anything that will destabilise the federal government can only be a good thing.

is it poli-wood perhaps. where two young bucks fight it out over the ultimate prize?

is it a western, where there is a standoff, threats are made, and then a showdown, pistols at dawn?

a romance? a tale of broken promises, a la mikado.

whatever it is, it's very interesting and very entertaining.



Mars said...

Very hillarious indeed. Howard had hogged the bat for too long, and now Costello's gone and dobbed to mum.

Pack of galahs, the lot of them.

Magical_M said...

I think (gasp!) that Australian politics has ONE thing to learn from their US counterparts...

Two terms of four years is ALL YOU GET BEING BOSS.

It's time to go Johnny.