Monday, July 31, 2006

i'm waiting on another 20 or so pollsters to kindly leave their comment on my undie poll below

but in the meantime, evidence the world has gone crazy.

i didn't even know this existed, until now.

what's your blog worth on the "fantasy blog stock market"

also i really really want to buy the red espadrilles from husk. just looking at them makes me feel summer is on the way.


BEVIS said...

That's fantastic!

fluffy said...

I've known about blogshares for ages and every now and then I go look at it only to find my share index had crashed and I get a little gloomy and wonder if the writing could have been better, or if I've been dumped from so many blogrolls.

Luckily my blog seems to be worth a freakin bomb right now :)

$$$ fluff

elaine said...

*puts on geek hat*

The valuation of a blog is determined by the value of your incoming links and the valuation of your outgoing links. So, f'r example, if lots of high value blogs link to you your blog will increase in value.

*takes off geek hat*

*puts on lazy hat*
I'm sure if I spent 2 seconds googling than I'd find the exact
formula used...

groverjones said...

"Undie Poll," that's a double entendre, right?

He he he!

MelbourneGirl said...

i think it might have been an unintentional pun, groverjones. ie you can leave a comment on my "undie pole" below.

is that what you meant?

and about the blogstock thing, some dude called nick "owns" 80% of my blog. how does that work?


Anonymous said...

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