Sunday, July 02, 2006

the mg-hicks polemic series, part two


this is just one of many shameful things the australian government has allowed to happen, if not purposefully enacted.

hicks is an australian citizen.

howard says he has no sympathy for a person who trained with al-qaeda.

that is irrelevant. howard is playing god. regardless of what an australian citizen has done in a territory other than their home country, it is the duty of this government and its representatives to assist that person so that they receive support, in ways both legal and humane.

if there is a case against hicks, lay it on the line.

if there isn't, fucking do something about it.

either way, he shouldn't be left to rot there.

bring him home.

let it run its course.

stand up for what's right, and true and just.

for fuck's sake, howard, it's not as if anyone is asking you to APOLOGISE or anything.



Mars said...

I love the way this week the US military commissions were found illegal... so Howard suggests Dubbya come up with something STAT to over-come this slight... problem.

Just goes to show how piss-weak our government is and will pretty much bend over for anyone who asks.

They could at the very least tell him what he's being charged with. This is really a very sad case. I feel sorry for the poor guy... I mean, chances are if the US had anything, they would have strung hum up by now... they've obviously got nothing.

MelbourneGirl said...

you're right. obviously they have nothing.

and now they're kind of stuck, in a corner, with empty hands.

something will happen.

he will come home. unless something bad happens to him first. "accidentally".