Saturday, July 01, 2006

it's time to bring david hicks home

this week, all i will be blogging about is david hicks, how he is being left to rot in cuba by john howard, who has no "sympathy" for him because he trained with al-qaida, how his human rights are being ignored, how australians must demand he be brought back to australia, charged with something, and allowed to answer any criminal charges in court. we have to remember that a person is innocent until proven guilty. and even if a person is guilty of crimes as charged, that person, that human, is offered a certain amount of protection by his or her civil rights.

why is david hicks being painted as the boogie man?

he did not cut up any bodies and put them in a barrel. he did not rape and murder a girl in a toilet in a shopping centre. he did not drug and degrade a woman on a cruise ship. he did not kidnap and murder hitchikers between melbourne and sydney. he did not kidnap three children from a beach in adelaide, nor did he cut a fly wire screen from a bedroom window in beaumaris and steal a child called eloise. he did not fly a plane into a building, and he did not put a bomb on a london bus.

david hicks has not done any of these things.

he should be brought home, charged with an offence and then dealt with in the proper manner.

why isn't this happening? because like an incompetent parent, john howard has backed himself into a corner. also, there probably isn't a charge that they know would stick, ie no evidence, so they have no where to go with this. and if he is kept at guantanamo, then it's the "out of sight, out of mind" scenario.

bet howard is shitting himself at the thought of guantanamo being shut down. then we might have to take him back.

and what will they do then?

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