Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bill of Carnegie

Yesterday I was racing through the supermarket and tried to run out of the doors but was held up by an old couple having a natter. They were both tiny, bent over little people, age had shrunken their bodies and their heads were bowed down. I patiently waited and then once the way was clear, went out. The old man caught my eye and started a conversation. After ten minutes, when I left his company I:

* knew his name [Bill of Carnegie]

* had been given his address [very close and near a school]

* had been given his age and that of his wife [93 and 91 respectively]

* had been informed he and his dear wife had just found out that their son [63] who had a lump in his stomach had been given the all clear, and Bill was just walking on air

* had been told that spinach is the key, it's a fabulous food [knew that anyway, love the old spinach]

* had been offered a couple of plants [hence reason for him giving me his address]

* had been told that the plants were brought over from OS in the 1920s and that he'd been eating them since the '30s [is this where my bs radar is meant to kick in?]

Later that night I told my daughter and she said "you're not going to go there are you?" I said, I might, and I thought I'd take you with me [for protection, I thought, but didn't say.]

Should I go and see Bill, risking the fact that he might have alzheimer's and so I'm met at the door by his very sane wife, and she shakes her head muttering something about "coot" and "crazy". My question is this? Is the pull of getting some 80-year-old spinach worth looking like an idiot even when even he doesn't remember me [hello Bill, remember me, I'm Jxxxx of Caulfield South and you said you'd give me some spinach] and the conversation we had?


Cape Man said...

80 year old Spinach? That must have been the same batch that popeye used to consume, those cartoons are about that old.
I wouldn't worry about making a fool of yourself, you can only do it once and then you'd probably never see him again.
I'd be more worried about Andrew Landeyou becoming a stalker, if he's googling who's talking about him. Also seems easy to get on his bad side. Game on.....

MelbourneGirl said...

hi there cape man

i guess you're right, the spinach would be about popeye's vintage, and look how he kept on and on

re andrew landerwho? - who knows, it's only been the one visit that i know, or comment, but you should check out who left a comment on my "clothes I have loved" piece... i am so chuffed

but away to blogworld

MelbourneGirl said...

cape man

just checked my other comments - omigawd, he's there. haven't read it properly just panicked and ran back here to report. but you've obviously seen it. lordy. might just have to be game... off


MelbourneGirl said...

btw cape man

you haven't answered my question - should i go see bill and ask about the spinach?

if so, how long should i leave it? he might forget.

8 year old daughter brought it up again tonight - she is worried i am going to go there. we have had 'incidents' before with 'people on the street' who i have helped and have:

- fallen over because they were pissed
- had a fit in a shop where we were browsing

i think that's all from memory but she is scarred by this and doesn't want me talking to strange men

my special friend probably also doesn't want this, even if bill is 93 he might try to pull a swifty?? all that spinach you know...

Cape Man said...

Well, my advice. Keep well away.
The 8 yo is wise beyond her years and I would agree that past deeds are flashbacks to the future (does that make any kind of sense?).
Realistically, 10 week old spinach from the green grocer will be just as good.

MelbourneGirl said...

ok cape man, message received.

am just setting up a group on yahoo to try and find participants for my study you know

all this techno stuff is doing my head in, and i haven't had a coffee today.

the headache has faded.

the heater is on, making me drowsy. my nw mag is calling me.

i will away...