Thursday, June 16, 2005

my links

A couple of words about my blogging links:

The reason I started blogging right now was I recently read an article on a young person working in the yarts, and it mentioned in the article that she has another life online. A bit of searching and I found her. I enjoy her directness.

Andrew Landeryou - I am horrified to realise that we share the same blog template. I may have to do something about that. And what does that say???

postsecrets - I found browsing blogger - it is sensational and very moving and very real. Love it.

Daily Dancer is someone who is touching the hearts of many, including mine.

Princess - she is just there for a sic joke.


Now one more thought before I finish. I wonder if I am the worst mother in the world? Today I forgot about my daughter's parent-teacher meeting. Yes, it is true. Earlier I mentioned I had a surprise that I had to return a library book that I thought I had renewed? Well, I had to drive across town, freezing in my beanie and fluffy cardy - returned the book along with a load of others. Checked out a couple of shops on the way back [there is a ball end of next month and I need something black]. Get to school. Pick up my love. "How did the interview go, mum?" she asks. "What interview?" I say. Then she started crying and I thought, oh fuck.

What can I say. I had it in my diary and I feel so bad. So here is my confession, thrown out to the ether.



Andrew Landeryou said...

I am willing to share if you are.

MelbourneGirl said...

Goodness Andrew, is it really you?

You like green too obviously.

Have you been to ezard's also?

Ms Fits mentions it in her blog, i think she is copying me. BUT i do admit it seems i copied your template proclivities.

If it is really you then thankyou for visiting my blog.

How did you find me?

Andrew Landeryou said...

Hi Melbournegirl,

Yes it was/is really me.

Yes green is good.

That's the one at the Adelphi? If it's the same one, haven't been there for a while, was very nice though.

Thank you for visiting mine too.

I found your blog by searching on my name, vanity searching on Google. Although it does nothing for my vanity in my case...

Good luck with the blog


MelbourneGirl said...

Thanks Andrew, for being a gentleman and having a sense of humour about me having a gentle go at you [however, it must be said, compared to what you can get on your blog and elsewhere, my comments are nothing, n'est-ce pas?] and I'm sorry about your recent "iss-ews". Good luck with all your stuff too.


Crystal said...

at least you collected The Kid. my daughter-in-law works at a big lawfirm with inhouse creche which had a tiny drama when one of the female lawyers went all the way home one night forgetting that baby was back at the office.

MelbourneGirl said...

thanks Crystal. i guess it could have been worse. the 8-year-old forgave me and i wrote a really sucky note to the teacher and they forgave me.