Wednesday, June 22, 2005

clothes I have loved

I had the idea a while ago to write a memoir of some clothes and accessoires that I have known and loved in my time. These are all departed from my life now, and so I miss them and sometimes think of them. Not all of them appear in photos of my good self, and so for a lot of them, they have to live on in my memory.


- lime-green, v-knee colonial jeans

- t-shirt with my name printed on it

- my dolly cut [ok, not clothes or accessory, but still a fashion statement and much mourned]

- denim runners [methinks there was some sort of orange trim as well]

- brown, checked miller shirt [with pearl buttons]

teen years

- treads - they were pale and navy blue, and were really heavy to wear around the Royal Melbourne Show when I was about 12

- slats - these were cane-soled "thongs" which were square and cluncky and the toe strap piece was covered in black velour. so 1975.

during the '80s

- emerald green mohair cardigan

- black, suede floppy duran duran ankle boots

- pink floral pink cross-over "housecoat" dress [loved that so much, still want it now]

- bright orange cotton knit baggy jumper [button neck] teamed with lime-green, tight baseball style pants with PADDED KNEES

- bali shirt, purples, pinks, maroons and greens batik-y print. Wore it and wore it. Cost about $4. Then my sister wore it and wore it. Wonder if she still has it? The colours NEVER faded either. tres amazant.

- fake placcy-leather type cowboy boots that I inherited from my mum. They were well worn when I got custody, then I wore them and wore them. They smelt like shit and so did my feet when they'd been in them

adult - early '90s

- black shirt with cut glass buttons, really large lapels and cuffs

- white, high-heeled shoes, with laces [it was in japan - that's my excuse. an OL wannabe]

I might add to this list as things come up, but my biggest clothing or accessoire regret is a fine red wool dress that my mum gave me. It had been hers from the '70s and it had the best neckline and the red was just perfect [red is my colour you know] and the only thing was it was too long [like floorlength almost] so she let me have it taken up and i took it to japan, and then a friend brought it back here to Aus for me [to help me, so i didn't have to carry heaps of stuff, nor send too much] and it... never... made... it. My mum was really upset and disappointed in me, and that upset me. As it was months if not more than a year before i was able to talk to the friend, and my memory is so bad, it was never established what happened to it.

enough said.

hot water bottles next time...


la nadine said...

black, suede floppy duran duran ankle boots

wow, they're my favourite things NOW. and i'm not even having a personal 80s revival.

p.s. i'm liking what i'm reading. nice blog, kind lady.

MelbourneGirl said...

thanks la nadine, you have made my day