Thursday, June 23, 2005

gorgeous girl

gigi love

this is gigi, our puppy. she has grown since this was taken but she still has the eyes. you can't feel bad when she is around, even if it is day 23.

yesterday she had a bit of a fright. we got home and she was barking out the back, which is unusual. went in there and there was broken glass on the kitchen floor, the stool had been knocked over and [yep, sounds like a real murder scene]... but instead of blood on the floor and gigi standing over the body of the burglar, throat ripped out and candlesticks in sack, there was lots of dog wee and one little poo.

she was really scared. i worked out she had either tried to climb the stool [as she has seen us do, circus dog? peut-etre] gone flying off and smashed one of my large glass candle holders [spesh]. Or she had been wriggling under said stool to get her bone [which was still there], gotten caught, panicked, and wreaked havoc. [scenario two is most likely you say?]

anyway cleaned up all mess, meanwhile 8-year-old is upset in other room cause her tamagotchi died...

but today is another day. glass candle holder mourned very briefly. puppy paws checked for gashes - none to be seen. and how could i be cross with her for doing panic wee and poo on my [clean] kitchen floor. couldn't.


Cape Man said...

Exactly, she's such a gorg puppy. What she needs is one of these -

We've also had a tama death here too. Must be date driven. Alas, Josh is born.

MelbourneGirl said...

omigod, dd has been busy while he's been on vacation. we thought he was simply visiting the zoo and a cliff, but no, he's been in lock-down in marketing meetings and inspecting the "product" rolling off the manufacturing belts.

i would wear a dd t-shirt but i wouldn't put my gigi in one. i don't believe ANY animal should wear clothes. not chimp nor dog.

MelbourneGirl said...

ok i have ordered my daily dancer t-shirt. call me a dag. i WILL wear it. unless of course i see everyone else wearing them. then i will put it away in my cupboard, and perhaps have a dd renaissance in a few years, when i can say i was someone who jumped on the daily dancer bandwagon before he jumped the shark


Anonymous said...

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