Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Friday night - 18 month anniversary

My sweetie took me out on Friday night. We caught a taxi into town and ate at ezard's - a fash place in Flinders Lane. I had four oyster shooters (freshly shucked and in a mirin-y, Japanese-y cold liquid (non-alcoholic) followed by barramundi then a gorge petite cheesecake.

We drank wine from Bourdeau and I felt very spoilt and pampered. (He's good at that!).

Two mistakes - I accidentally put out the romantic candle with a slop of bok-choy as I tried to transfer some from the serving bowl to my plate. The waiter was discretion itself as he quietly replaced the candle. The faux fur jacket I wore (very fetching and pink) shed all over my sweetie's black jacket (and pants, and...). Never mind, I felt glamorous and happy.

Oh and another thing. The waiter was amazed we (me) insisted on ordering sebago potatoes (glorified wedges) along with the afore-mentioned bok-choy and said they wouldn't be appropriate with our two main dishes. We didn't care, and loved them all the same.

Bye for now


Cape Man said...

So just the lazy four oyster shooters? I'm sure you were hankering for more, especially on your anniversary (hee hee).

Clokeeeey! said...

Hey, I've been there too!
Did you notice an english chap walking around the hotel? He's thinks he's the caretaker. Funny thing is, he has a wierd accent, seems to switch to Irish, via Scotland.
I must've had the same waiter as you, he had a wierd growth happening (facial hair) and a word of advice about everything, especially the lack of Taxi's in the area.

MelbourneGirl said...

Wow my first comments. Thank you both.

cape man - i was going to order half a doz, in fact i did, but the waiter, he was weird, talked me out of it. strange, you think they'd be upselling?

clokeeeey (is that the right number of es?) I got a taxi alright. My sweetie has the knack.

Anonymous said...

wow you sound like a lucky girl. must be a really nice guy!!

MelbourneGirl said...

yes anon. but sounds like you know all about it!

BEVIS said...

So this is the first MG post, eh? It's now over a year later (26th June, 2006), and I can see where all the supposed clues about your secret relationship started!

Subtle! (Hindsight's 20:20, and all that.)