Wednesday, June 01, 2005

don't you think it's time you settled for good enough?

somehow, recently, i came across a website written by a single guy called brian, who had decided enough was enough: he had been dating and trying to meet women for a while and had realised that women were mostly dating with their heads in the clouds.

this is one of the pertinent parts of his website, where brian says:

So let's be clear here. You are not going to marry a guy who looks like Colin Farrell, is tough but sensitive, smart, funny, charms every room he's in, and pulls in the big bucks. I know you really want to meet that guy. I wish you could find him. I really do. But there's only like 4 of those guys in the world, and they're already taken. I'm sorry to tell you this, but it's time to think about settling.

i have known men who have been with fabulous, intelligent, gorgeous women. but because they haven't been supermodels, they have been left along the way, dropped like so much unwanted baggage, perhaps after a short time, perhaps after a long time.
i have also heard of men who, once they have conquered a good-looking woman, think they can do better. so in their minds, they continually up the beauty-ante in this never-ending pursuit of something, or somebody, better.
sorry if i sound like i'm getting all greer on your arses. sorry also i can't bring myself to type "asses".
let's push on, shall we?

good. because, i've got a surprise.

i emailed brian, fascinated both with his direct and no-crap approach, as well as his perspective on life. which pretty much matches my own. i have come to realise that a lot of us are overlooking fantastic people, or even just good enough people, in our pursuit of the perfect match. i think a lot more of us could "settle". and if we do, we'll find that we're not really settling. we are exploring something wonderful that's been right under our noses all along.

maybe not mr clooney, or kate moss, or scarlett johannsen, or gabriel gael garcia.

but someone who will make you feel like you are them.

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