Friday, June 24, 2005

okay now i'm annoyed

i have prepared my story on hot water-bottles and i can't manage to work in the wonderfully-sourced pics [i have spent ages finding] to the text

i need a superhero to help me

where are you cape man?


Cape Man said...

I'm a phone box away !!! Let me get my trusty cape....

fluffy said...

hi melbourne lady

you can come with the swears on my comments anytime, as long as you take me to Ezard one day (never been despite having firm connections in the kitchen and bar) and the 8 year old (will be 15) babysits the two year old (will be 9) in 7 years time when we've saved up enough to really splurge.

keep up the blogging

xxx fluffs

Cape Man said...

I think Fluffy needs her own cape man and a nanny.

MelbourneGirl said...

cape man
perhaps you could watch the kids and fluffy and i go to ezard's? or do you know another man of the caped variety who could take fluffy? could be shezalicious!

Cape Man said...

Yes, I do know a young man willing to don a cape and away with a fluffy one.