Sunday, July 10, 2005

getting the london thing over with, can't ignore it

there are some people saying that london was bombed because of the olympic thing. seriously.

check it out [warning here about this blogger's profile pic, don't even ASK what i was doing here... thank you]

do you know what? people are buying the line that the evil terrorists are out to destroy freedom-loving westerners; to rip apart "life as we know [and love] it". apparently they are not pissed off about being invaded and the u.s. being the modern-day imperialists that they are; they are not concerned with illegal and pre-emptive invasions and the way the u.s. attacks and then sets up house anywhere there might be something in it for them [and then pave the way for huge work contracts for the boys, ie halliburton]. i suppose they don't mind that the coalition of the willing have caused the deaths of 100,000 iraqis, how many afghanis, etc etc?

and let's not get into the israel thing.

no, the baddies [them] don't like the goodies [us] apparently and that's all. and they want to hurt us. just because they are evil and their holy book tells them to destroy infidels. and because they hate that we can wear bikinis at the beach instead of a chador, we don't have to grow huge moustaches and our women can have sex before marriage[and not then be killed by their brothers or fathers]. oh yes, and we can also work, and vote in a democracy [!] and have really nice houses and can get to the milk bar without getting caught in sniper crossfire.

oh no, what am i doing? i am perpetuating a stereotype here. mustn't do that.

you know what else? muslims are just the new baddies on the block. simply because they are the new Other. we are now used to vietnamese, chinese, italian, greek. and if this was an italian blog, or a vietnamese blog, just take out all the nationalities and mix them up a bit.

it's all relative. we are all humans. there are goodies and baddies within all societies.

i don't like the equation muslim = terrorist. i don't like the equation islamic fundamentalist group = hotbed of terrorism. hysteria and witch-hunt'y type voices don't help. but they sell newspapers. and get votes. and ultimately keep control. breed fear = control.

now that's an equation i don't like either but i think it's true.

be careful of stereotypes, be careful of the agenda of our and other governments, be aware of the propoganda of fear, think for yourself.

AND i think we are all going to start to suffer from terrorist fatigue in much the same way as we [i] am experiencing natural disaster fatigue. i don't think i even rang ANYONE when the tsunami happened. i was shocked and upset and i just had to process it on my own, that one. it was too awful. this latest thing in london is just one more in a long [and infinite] examples of the atrocities that people can bring to other people. on purpose, for whatever reason, ad infinitum.

look back at history and see the future, unfortunately.

now i'll go and get my english copy of the koran and try to look up some references. let's face it, we all buy what we are told in the media about the koran because none of us [non-muslims] have read it.


Esther said...

Whoa, that girl going on about the Olympics...just boggles my mind what a close-minded view she has.

I don't understand how some people can view it so simply.

MelbourneGirl said...

hey esther, exactly what i thought. people need to inform themselves.