Sunday, July 03, 2005

mummy's boys part two

shane warne is a mummy's boy - he just didn't think when she told him to take slimming tablets. he just didn't seem to think that chasing other women while married was not a good idea. today's age mentions him:

roaring in anger... at the discovery that an amount of money he'd put in a sock seemed to have disappeared, only to find it in the other sock. Angry and bellowing about a stolen jumper, Warne was told the jumper was out on the ground where he had left it.

ok, perhaps he's not a mummy's boy - just an idiot. but this is the behaviour of a spoilt man. and men are spoiled by their mummies.

glenn the outback house overseer i suspect is a mummy's boy. insolent and childish, selfish and pathetic - he sulked and was so passive-agressive it was excruciating to watch. thank god the boss gave him the arse and he left. he was an absolute dickhead.

This from an article found online:

Comic Bernard Manning, who lived with his mother Nellie for 20 years, said men who stayed at home were making the right choice.

He said: "They are getting everything done for them - their shirts ironed, their beds made, meals on the table - and things a wife would never dream of doing, like ironing the cuffs and collars of your shirts.

"A wife would leave those, saying 'That's good enough'. With mothers, nothing is good enough for their sons."

leo di caprio - mummy's boy
colin farrell - yep, mummy's boy
kevin costner - complete mummy's boy
bill clinton - oh yeah

it's unconfirmed but i bet andrew landeryou IS and russell crowe too [see this for an off-topic but freakout story]

but i bet johnny depp ISN'T

jury is out on matthew wales - maybe he was [hence the problems] and maybe he wasn't [hence the ability to top her just like that]

Maybe soon we'll be able to find out more as there is a call out for mummy's boys to take part in a new documentary. if anyone's interested perhaps get in touch, though i'm sure they've had no shortage of men applying. i'm sure lots of men would have no problem appearing on national television in a 6 part doco called mummy's boys, having been described as men who don't do very much for themselves and go running to mummy when things go wrong for them.

Extreme call for MUMMY'S BOYS
found at
09 March 2005
Extreme Productions are looking for men between the ages of 25 - 45 to take part in a six part documentary series called MUMMY'S BOYS.
The criteria, broadly speaking still lives at home or is married/co-habiting/other but still runs home to mummy for advice, dinner whatever doesn't do very much for themselves can't or won't clean, cook etc.
We all know somebody!
We are also looking for their mummy's to take part.
If you know anyone who fits this profile, contact:
Michelle - Extreme Production LtdAssistant Producer Extreme Production1 Church ViewHolywoodBT18 9DP tel: 02890809050mobile: 07870208188

further reading:
anyone wanting to read more seriously on this topic, here is an interesting article online

harsh? tell me about it
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Cape Man said...

glenn the outback house overseer
Who is Glenn?

What was the prognosis on Hitler and eminem.

Cape Man said...

Oh, I git it now, The Outback House tv show on ABC.

MelbourneGirl said...

hitler was a definite mummy's boy. eminem - not sure about him. they were suing each other but i heard it was a beat up for publicity or something to do with tax evasion?

Cape Man said...

With M&M it was a way he could channel money to mummy dearest via a court settlement and without having to pay tax on it...Alledgedly.

Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

What, talking about mummy's boys and no mention of an oedipal complex?

problematic said...

So you've got issues with me shoes huh? I ain't no mumma's boy.

Andrew Landeryou said...

Sometimes I think you mention me on this blog merely to attract my attention, does that make you a daddy's girl?

Hope you're well.


MelbourneGirl said...

aleks - i didn't want to go too deep and bore everyone, but yes, that is an obvious point thank you

cotton - um, don't really dig the white shoe look, but i didn't run here and write about mummy's boys simply because i read that on your blog. but you will notice i also didn't answer your questionnaire. i guess i had monsieur maze in mind. did he pull his blog or did someone else tamper? i figure he's a mb if he did - you know, bust down the lego tower in a fit of rage

andrew - did i mention you in this post? or was it part one? have to go and check. i am well, thank you for enquiring.

am planning a daddy's girls piece anon