Monday, July 25, 2005

nude in a turkish hamam and other things on my mind

it kind of bothers me that when i write a post about orgasms or brad and angelina i might get more comments than when i write something about the big world issues. but then i guess orgasms and movies are something that is a common factor for all of us [except for blind/asexual people?] plus we want to forget about the yuck stuff. how we deal with this you can read about here.

but i want to write about how the innocent brazilian was killed because he ran away from people chasing after him, and he was wearing a winter coat in summer. unfair.

i wonder how many people are reading this to see the nude as referred to in the heading?

but before we get to that:

i want to write about how the reading i am doing for my thesis introduces me to ideas like this:

" On, East is East, and West is West,
and never the twain shall
Till Earth and Sky stand presently at
God's great Judgment Seat;
But there is neither East nor West, Border, nor Breed, nor Birth,
When two strong men stand face to face,
though they come from
the ends of the earth."
- Rudyard Kipling

it seems at the moment that never can east and west meet. the death of the dream of multiculturalism? [even though multiculturalism can be criticised for being tokenistic and not really managing the issues of race which are too scary for politicians and their agencies - ie education services]. can the two men, ie communities from polar opposites stand face to face without warring, can't we meet in the middle somewhere and talk about it? can't we see that we are humans, all together, without resorting to the Us and Them. Can't we be just Us?

And talking about the centric positioning of the west:

"But 'Europe' remains the self-same, unmarked by its Other. Although 'Europe' shapes and informs its surrounding world, it is not reciprocally shaped and informed by that world. "

read 'the west' for 'Europe' and see if it makes you think of anything...

the west thinks it is right, and good, and just and democratic, and morally superior and intellectually superior, and economically superior. etc.

we need to consider other perspectives.

Open any world map and look at where UK, USA and Australia are located. The coalition of the willing draws a line across the world. It makes me think of a neo imperialism or colonialism. Are we seeing the "projection of the white race as the natural rulers of a global space created and divided by imperialism"?

now for the nude. i bought this a couple of weeks ago for only $65

love love love it:


fluffy said...

Is it Ingres?

Donkey Oti said...

Ok, I got nude in a haman earlier this year in Istanbul, and an old Turkish man tried to make out with me.

East met West, but we just wanted different things.

Another Outspoken Female said...

ignoring the nude... :) The Met's 'shoot to kill' policy scares the crap out of me and I don't even live in England any more. So many powers have been handed over to authorities under the guise of protecting the people from Terrorism. Don't kid ourselves that its not happening here. In the last couple of years Howard has bumped up the powers given to Asiio - bugger habeous corpos, we can hide you away for a week, interrogate you nonstop and you the innocent victim are not allowed to tell anyone about it! These are alarming times, best we stay alert to the erosion of our rights!

Another Outspoken Female said...

PS: amount of typos i make are usually directly in proportion to how passionate i feel about the subject :)

DJ said...

Orgasms sell womens magazines. Little wonder blog articles about the same thing attract more attention.

Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

See the problem with those from the East, you know the people who aren't white, is that they just haven't made the great contributions to literature, science, the arts that the white race has. That's why it is the duty of countries like the US, the UK, and Australia to civilise these countries and impose our values on them.

Seminal anarchist punk band Propogandhi, in the song "The only good fascist is a very dead fascist", sum up the "acomplishments" of the West nicely :

What exactly are the great historical accomplishments of "your" race that make you proud to be white? capitalism? slavery? genocide? sitcoms? guns? war? pollution? addiction? nafta? thigh-master?

...mj said...

I feel that my opinion on potentially fraught and serious matters is too lightweight to air. I often don’t know the full story and therefore cannot even pretend to be able to provide a truly informed opinion.

On tits and bums and brad and angelina, I'm more confident. I've seen the movie, I've thought about the T&A and read the magazine article. I am informed, there's nothing more to know. I can express my lightweight opinion and still be comfortable, for the subject is lightweight too.

Cape Man said...

MG, I think your point is proven.

Remember when the East was the Soviet bloc and we in the west hated them. Now there is no Soviet bloc, has East transferred to another bloc?
Will all enemies of the West be East?

On the shooting of the Brazilian lad, it reminds me of "Team America", shoot first, ask questions later (if they survive).

America, Fuck Yeah!

MelbourneGirl said...

hey all

fluffy, it's by E. Debat-Ponsan done in 1883 [i read it off the print]

donkey - what did he do? and i guess in matters of "love", it doesn't have to be east and west that divides us. sometimes it's just good ole' gender that can do that

aof - you got it

dj - so next on my list of blog items should be: "dieting", "how to statisfy your man in bed", "50 fabulous mix and match fashions", "how learning pole dancing will make him want to marry you", "cosmetics for under $20", "make that bad hair day a fab hair day" and "is he cheating on you?"

aleks, ah dear aleks. not sure how to take your post, i think you are not being antagonistic, but merely passionate... but i believe islam was way ahead of the west in all things medical and scientific for a few hundred years way back when, then got stuck and are still there.

And when you talk about "my" race in the last para, are you talking to me in particular? i didn't think i indicated i was proud to be white. but having said that, whites do not have exclusive rights over the invention or use of slavery, capitalism, genocide, guns, war, or any of the other things listed. there have been other races through time that have and still do exhibit these "cultural" characteristics.
except perhaps sitcoms. they were obviously invented by english [shakespeare?]

now i'm tired. thanks everyone for reading and responding.

Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

Melbournegirl, no I was not trying to be antagonistic. In my own unique way I was having a go at the "achievements" achievements of Western Civilisation. As you rightly pointed out the Islamic world was at one point a lot more advanced than the Western World, and these advancements formed the basis for much of the West's advances.

As for the quote and "your race" no this was not specifically directed at you; I am white as well (well predominantly white). The quote from Propogandhi was designed to remind people that while the Western world has advanced the world in many areas, it has also "given" the world the "gifts" listed in the quote.

MelbourneGirl said...

thanks for clarying Aleks, i am glad you were not angry at me. i don't like it when people get angry at me. i want everyone to like me and for things to be nice and happy

DJ said...

You forgot photos of Prince William, and What your stars hold for 2006... but yes thats my point right on the money

MelbourneGirl said...

make that CLARIFYING
dang i hate typos!

dj, they're in the following issue...