Sunday, July 10, 2005

on a cold sunday

it's cold in melbourne but today was sunny. and it's the end of the holidays [clapping and satisfied smile]

well i've been busy the last few days but would like to share a special experience: seeing the vienna boys' choir.

i did go the tear during the first song, then for the rest of it, we were laughing about how we had been madly waving to the wrong girl-child in the australian children's choir [who were singing with vienna boys], watching the little ones falling asleep in their chairs and slumping down more and more until they were out of sight behind the bannister, worrying about the puddle of water i was sure the bunch of roses i had ready for special girl were making on the floor [terrible grammar there, but no time to go over], trying to open small packets of jelly beans, then trying to squeeze my fingers in to get some out, then dropping them. then i fantasised about writing a blog about the whole thing. about how maybe the boys are held against their will and made to sing, about how one boy on our side at the end had arms longer than anyone else [they were really long], and how he only became slightly more animated once they sang a song in German. i wondered about them hitting puberty and whether any of them go through rebellious phases, like teenagers here. i thought about arcane audition processes and terrible corporal punishments for not hitting the right notes [think farinelli]

i was expecting a huge choir but there were only 28 of them. i wonder if there is a base group and they rotate for tours, some of them looked so young. i imagined what they do in their downtime - playstation on the tour bus? comic books? catching a movie wherever they are, from harry potter to star wars. i suppose they are just ordinary boys. i also wondered whether the older ones get groupies, perhaps nicky webster was one [when she was younger of course]

they wore cute sailor suits but without the berets [spewing about that]

they are called the wiener sängerknaben.


for anyone who has read my bits on hotwater bottles, mine has sänger written on it.

sängerknaben means boy singers. so my hottie is a singer, as well as a hottie.

this is a tenuous link and perhaps boring, but for me it is meaningful.

ps target is selling hotwater bottles with "hottie" on them. but still i will stick with the sänger.


Dirty Dick Dodger said...

Howdy Ma'am! *tips hat*
Lovely day, ain't it?
You oughta check out the new sheriff in town, maybe get yourself some barkeep work.
I'll be on my way now.

Dirty Dick Dodger said...

Ma'am. I just picked up this new picture from the drug store, hope it makes it easier to see my blue eyes.