Monday, July 11, 2005

read this - war on terror

this is a pretty good article, light on the polemic and propaganda. it's not inflammatory, but merely states a few interesting points


Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

The Rock against Bush CD volume one had a DVD that had a comedian (I can't remember his name, he tried to crack onto Scarlett Johanson's character in Ghost World) talking about the war on terror.

Essentially he said it's a joke, what do people think that one day they are going to wake up and all the terrorists are going to be gone, and that everybody will love us again (he was referring to the US, but it equally applies to the UK or Australia), and that we will be free to impose our will on other countries again?

Unfortunately some people do think this, and such we are stuck in this cycle of violence begetting violence.

Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

For John Pilger's take on the situation go to:

MelbourneGirl said...

thanks Aleks. i'll check out pilger.

Hules said...

I suspect that this 'war on terror' mantra doesn't really have a lot to do with ending terrorism, but a lot to do with helping governments stay in power by creating a climate of fear.

It's so 1984. I see it as integral to the current Australian and US government's PR campaigns to enable them to stay in power and roll-back some of our liberties.