Tuesday, July 19, 2005

what makes my blood boil #1

what makes my blood boil is to read in the paper that a woman has been sexually assaulted in a western australian detention centre.

my question is:

why was she being held in an area where she was the only woman, with up to 50 men? [the paper talks about her being the only non-Muslim in a block with 50 muslims, but more or equally importantly, she was the only woman]

the article goes on about how her particular religious group is persecuted by muslims.

" [the Human rights Commission president] said the [immigration] department should have been aware of the risks of housing a woman from a religious minority in a compound with unaccompanied men of a different faith"

excuse me? "unaccompanied men" - what's that all about? does that mean single and therefore really really horny?


was she targeted because of her religion? maybe, but i would say definitely because she was a single woman, and therefore seen as available

anyone who knows anything about islamic culture [and perhaps other non-religious cultures] that a single woman, without a 'protector' [ie a male family member, husband, brother, father, son] is at risk of being targeted for sexual approach, harrassment, assault, etc.

maybe this is a male/female thing, rather than a cultural thing though - put 50 AFL players with a single woman in a jail and see what happens

forget the culture of race and ethnicity, let's talk about the culture of men and women. regardless of the religion, or racial/ethnic background of the men, do you think it's a good idea to imprison any woman [or man for that matter] on her/his own with a group of 50 of the opposite sex and expect them to be ok with that? and for there to be no problems?

and before anyone [hm, yes you boys] starts talking about putting their hands up for a stint in detention with 50 woman, think about what you would have to endure: endless hours of conversations about shoes, periods, boys, hair, clothes, movies, movie stars, politics, philosophy theology, why he's not that into me, society, money, nails, shapelle corby and whether ron was in love with her, cosmetic surgery, breasts, thighs, vadges, personal odour, body hair, wax, cooking, food, shopping, family. but i'm pretty sure you wouldn't be raped.

this is illogical and crazy and it makes me so fucking mad [if it's true, perhaps it's just another beat-up to really grind the muslim male reputation into the dust. yep, we know they're ass fuckers with moustaches, and they like knives, of course they're going to go and rape a woman in that situation.]

what also makes me mad is the focus on the religious aspect - it's more convenient for the fear-mongers in this country [ie the government, yes and the opposition pussies, the media] for it to be a religious thing, highlight the Us and Them theme, make people hate the Other, and keep control of us. it's a power thing.


Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

I expect the government's response would be "well if she hadn't been here illegally in the first place then she wouldn't have found herself in that situation."

As you rightly pointed out this is about keeping people in a state of fear, us versus them, wedge politics, so we don't question how this government, with media complicity, have fucked us over. If this was reported on the evening television news, it would be followed by an ad for Big Brother to take people's mind off it. Don't trust anybody (other than advertisers) and consume is what all this is about.

As for prison and rape, it also happens when men are with men only in prison. Women forcing themselves upon other women in prison is quite common too, and as such I think it is a product of the environment in which people are in, and not something that can be specificallt attributed to one's gender.

MelbourneGirl said...

your final point is a good one Aleks, i didn't cover that but i agree with you. in prisons they would never house the two genders together.

DJ said...

Like I said over at my blog, I'm really really concerned about the Anti-Muslim beat up thats going on. Its going to end in more than tears I fear.

random entry no. 456 said...

Why are Australians so concerned with the policement of arbitrary boarders? Detention centres will be/are the symbol of this country. Forget the kangaroo... Are we living in supressed, fascist times?

Justine said...

Word up sister.
Fucking DIMIA. The FUCKS.