Saturday, January 14, 2006

another quiet day. this is very good.

hello all.

well, the producers last night was enjoyable, very amusing. it got a little tedious in parts but was overall good. we kicked back on our comfy recliners and drank a bottle of chandon. this followed dinner at the conservatory, an all-you-can-eat buffet, at crown, where i revealed my homer-tendencies to the point of being told off by a chef for handling the oysters without the tongs.

he did call me madam. and then winked at me later when i grinned at him, as i was heaping up my third plate.

i was extremely pleased with my food choices. i saw people eating bread, rice, potatoes, soup. fucking soup!


why, oh why would you do that, why take up valuable stomach space with everyday items such as bread, when there are platters of seafood, tureens of hot meals, delightful yummy little yum cha items, exotic salads and gourmet other bits and pieces.

my first plate consisted of:

about 8 oysters
about 8 prawns
some iceberg lettuce
seafood sauce

my second plate consisted of:

about 4 prawns (slowing down. portion control is one of my two new year resolution catch-crys.)
about 6 oysters
2 yabbies (come on, they were tiny)
some seafood salad
more seafood sauce.

there was an incident with this second plate. i was a little distracted about the chef, telling me off, and i stupidly pulled off one yabby head in the wrong place. i got a violet gush of yabby head juice down my front. you know that orangey stuff? well, it spurted across my decoletage.

nice. so i mopped and sponged, as subtly as possible. and then asked the kind waiter for a fresh napkin. except i said serviette because i was flustered.

by this time we had had one glass of champagne each, and one glass of scotchman's hill charders.


my third plate consisted of this:

a piece of fish with a type of capsicum chutney
two small pieces chicken in batter (sweet and sour-y perhaps)
a small piece of chicken in a sauce
two little dim sum-type thingies
one little dim sim
a rice ball, small
i can't remember what else but there was no seafood sauce on this one.

and note, the comparative lack of carbs

my fourth and final plate (dessert) consisted of this:

one little berry thing in a glass pot
one little portion of chocolatey-type slice
one small scoop chocolate icecream
one serve banana pudding
one slice tiramisu

i think that was all. then a flourish of melted chocolate from the chocolate fountain.

but i have to say. i saw one guy finish his meal with a nectarine??!! this guy was also one of the soupies.

am i the only one to think wrong, wrong, wrong?

onto princess. spoke to her today, they had just had mexican food for dinner. she sounded good. is still really looking forward to coming home, but is hanging in there.

tomorrow is the show, and she is helping her dad. then two days after that, they will be busy with carpets. so that's sunday and monday. then tuesday she thought they were going to sea world, that's in san diego i think. then back to la, for disneyland something like thursday/friday. then she leaves monday.

that's it for today.

hope you are all having a good saturday.

ps someone asked about the spider story. i will recheck what i wrote and fill in any narrative gaps.

day 16
11 days to go


BEVIS said...

I'm feeling very full just reading that list of food!

I heard today that some idiot reviewer has canned The Producers for being dissimilar to the original movie and too similar to the stage show.

Then he said they make stage show references throughout.

Now, I haven't seen it yet myself, but it sounds to me like this moron has missed the point entirely. They have clearly set out to achieve what the dude is complaining about.

Perhaps they botched it up, but whinging about a film because it's exactly what it tried to be is a little short-sighted, the silly ignoramus. Shows how much he knows. I hope he's now embarrassed that his review made it into print.

(Although, it doesn't sound like you thought too much of it, either. I hope it wasn't a disappointment for you.)

Anyway, I trust Princess isn't sacrificing vital Disneyland days to sell carpet squares!

(Well, you know what I mean.)

Is she spending one or two days in Disneyland? I hope it's two, as one day simply won't be enough - especially for a nine year old who's never been there before.

Thanks for the spider story - you tell a ripper yarn!

MelbourneGirl said...

no, i wasn't disappointed with the producers, but i suppose not having seen the original, nor the stage show, there was no precedent for me.

but tonight we saw the family stone and i have to say, it moved me on all levels and i just loved it. yes i am emotional, yes it's a full moon, but boy i loved and lived that movie.

i had tears at the end that were even going down my throat to my lower neck region. (not sure why i had to be that precise in my description.)

but this is what i want a movie to do. fucking turn me upside down, and have me loving the people, not all of them, but at least one and the more the better. if there is no character i can either sympathise with or want to be or see myself in or admire or lust after or whatever, then that movie will lose me.

glad you enjoyed the spider story.

and i'm not sure if p and ali are spending either Thurs/Fri or whatever days i mentioned, or both. i hope both too. she has some shopping she wants to do there, ie for young cousins etc.

BEVIS said...


She will shop for everyone at Disneyland.


I just want to say again: Everyone.

Okay, I'm done with that now.

You're the second person today (if you still call this Saturday, which technically it isn't, but as I haven't gone to bed yet, I will) who has recommended The Family Stone to me. Interesting.

I'm off to bed now. Be well!

(Isn't Cotton a lovely chap to speak so highly of me? It took my by surprise. I wonder what the interloper on his blog did with the real Cotton?)

(... She will shop for everyone there.)