Monday, January 16, 2006

meanie melbournegirl

i was going to post about head on tonight, but i am out of sorts and so just want to go and watch tv instead.

today i have been mean to three people:

1. bevis
2. bob
3. my special man, current name = john.

as for bevis, i apologise. but i thought i made it clear in my comment that i did think it was funny. did you go to the corner because i didn't do any of those smiley faces that you know i hate?

well, here's one for you, to show you no hard feelings. and you should know i'm sincere because i just have never done one of these things before, ever. not in email, or on phone, or on blog.

so, here you are:

how do you do it?


[insert musak]


there you go!

2. bob. i am sorry, i should have said go away please.

3. my man john. i will say in private to him what i want to say. but he is lovely and i love him.

let's put it down to an overdue day 20.

day 18
9 days to go!


BEVIS said...

I know you must mean it, to gimme an emoticon!

Right back atcha.

I was having a particularly bad day at work this morning, and fled to the blogosphere for some fun to cheer myself up with an amusing first post about the most unexpected kind of restaurant, but the response it got felt like quite the opposite to that which I was seeking.

Without wanting to sound needy and an emotional drain, I sincerely didn't intend to post on We Do Chew Our Food again after the response, as I felt like my hand had been soundly slapped, etc.

I also spent over half an hour painstakingly searching through Blogger's help section, looking for instructions on how to remove myself from the Contributors' list, but it seems I can't unless I also have administrators' access.

Off-topic for a sec, I think this is a major flaw on behalf of Blogger. What if those with administrators' access don't honour my request to remove me? It could happen. Each blogger who has accepted an invitation should have the right and ability to change their mind and remove themselves, but apparently they don't.

I was considering leaving a comment asking Chai to remove me instead, but knew how 'prima donna' that would look and how it would appear that I was just sulking or craving attention.

But I really wanted to just get out of there. I felt that if my humour had gone down so badly, it was humiliating for me to stick around.

But maybe I'll just be a good boy and not try to entertain on that blog. I have my own blog for that.

Anyway, all that to say thank you for your apology. I've been feeling really awful for hours; isn't it funny how such (small) things can get to you? I appreciate and accept it, and I also apologise if my attempt to amuse was poorly-timed and poorly-placed.

Can we be best of friends again?


(That emoticon's for you, even though you don't want it.)

BEVIS said...

PS - I hope things go well with John.

Enjoy your TV, think not of the 10 days, think instead of how great it will be to see Princess again so soon, and have a good night's rest.

No doubt we'll speak again on the morrow, when all of this silliness will just seem so, so amusing ...

BEVIS said...

Whoops! 9 days! 9 days!

See? When you're not concentrating, the time just flies by!

Dxxxx said...

The food blog is up?

How rude!


BEVIS said...

Dxxxx, you'll need to speak to Chai about it. Looks like he may just have overlooked you. I'm sure it's nothign personal. He had a heap of people to invite. When you look at it, hopefully you'll find humour in the first review posted! :)

BEVIS said...

'nothing', obviously ...

MelbourneGirl said...

bevis. i usually write my comments and even posts without thinking. usually this is ok, even good, and it is very cathartic for me. but i did it yesterday, in a bad way. speaking (and writing) carelessly is a bad bad thing to do, especially when you hurt others.

this is something i am really having to confront in my life.

i will head to the food blog and repeat my apology there. please don't remove yourself as an administrator. the blog needs you.

MelbourneGirl said...

oh and by the way, i mucked up the day countdown. i'll change it now.

Dxxxx said...

That's ok, i didn't particularly want to be a contributor... just to know when it was up to have a sticky beak.... I'll head there now.

Thanks Bevis!

MelbourneGirl said...

oh and of course we can be best friends again!

BEVIS said...


elaine said...

So much happening when I'm not paying attention!

MG, we're all mean on occasion. It was honest and brave of you to confront your not-so-nice-as-normal-ness and apologise simply and straightforwardly.

Reading over that, it sounds rather condescending but it's not meant that way. Maybe more of a 'don't beat yourself up over it'? We're all fallible and we love you anyway (especially because you apologised without needing to be asked)


BEVIS said...

And truth be told, a public apology probably wasn't necessary, either. Possibly not even an apology at all, seeing as she and I have both since admitted to feeling a little 'out of sorts' at the time.

So this just shows what a top chick MG is, to apologise on two separate blogs about it!


But now I'm keen for MG to post something unrelated to this whole thing. It's silly, and has already taken up more time and energy than it's worth.

We're above it all.

sublime-ation said...

Not long to go now, MG...
:) no,sorry : ) is that it? I've never done one either.
; - )!

Clokeeeey! said...

Bevis, let's hear from Bob. We can't let this go.