Monday, January 09, 2006

okay, so this is good. better.

before the nightly princess update, a quizzy type of question:

what do the following have in common?

mariah carey
jennifer beales
tom hanks
carly simon
arnold swarzenegger
johnny depp
michael jackson
kevin bacon
elizabeth berkeley (showgirls)
paula abdul

it is something you won't in your wildest dreams imagine, the common denominator that ties these people together.

so, go to it.

princess update:

she sent me a text message today. this is how the dialogue ran verbatim:

princess: Hi mum i am in sf. All ok i missing and love u.
melbournegirl: Hi darling! I have been thinking about you and i love you too. What are you doing? Mumx

p: Cheked in hotel at fisherman wharf.
mg: Are you travelling to los angeles? Hotels are fun!

p: No. Wanted 2 c Alcatraz.
mg: Who wanted to? What is alcatraz? Princess are you writing this?

p: It was a jail. Baba helping me.
mg: Ok wow a jail? So what you doing tomorrow?

p: Call me.

so i called her. for those of you wondering, i do know what alcatraz is. i was just wanting to see if she knew. the way she was writing with the u for you and c for see was kind of weird. surely, i thought, she couldn't have become text savvy in a week?

so we chat. she sounds good. any time she starts to get a little funny, ie her voice drops, i keep mine bright and ask her a practical question. i find out that they saw sea lions on the rocks in the bay and have left karen's house because "she had too many drinks and was talking about stuff from the past" which bothered lisa and princess. no further details, but you can imagine how curious i am...

i think it's good they have left. seems like they just left a day early (karen's) and i'm pleased ali is taking princess to a sightseeing destination, even if it is one of the most notorious gaols in the world.

so that's that. at the end of the call she said "i love you and i'm looking forward to coming home"

this is a big improvement. no mention of wanting to come home early. just a slight voice tremble when she was talking about ali being so busy with carpet work and about the stress. i just hope lisa can hang in there. i know how he can be.


one other thing. last night we watched sin city.

i love, love, loved it.

but can anyone comment on the lack of sequencing. do you think it was meaningful? i won't go into detail so as not to spoil, but events were out of order chronologically and i'd like to hear if anyone thinks anything about this.

any suggestions for other movies to watch? we have evenings free here at the ranch, and catching up on films is a good way to pass time.


oh, and ps. continuing the "woman who can do anything" theme:

do you remember that little scar jaime sommers had on her top lip?

day 11
16 days to go.


BEVIS said...

To answer the quiz first, I suspect that it's something to do with you missing Princess, so maybe they are the actors and musicians she and/or you like the most, and they're making you miss her even more?

Have you been watching movies like Flashdance and Footloose and Twins and Big and TV shows like Saved By The Bell and 21 Jump Street and listening to 80s music like Paula Abdul, Michael Jackson, Carly Simon and Mariah Carey? Do the artists you listed represent your entire movie and CD collection or something?

Are they the celebrities Princess has seen on her travels?

Maybe they're the celebs you've invited to Princess' welcome home party?

Another possibility is that arguably they were all better-loved and had more success during the 80s than they are / do now ...

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what the answer is. I hope I win the car.

Thank you.

BEVIS said...

I haven't seen Sin City, so I can't comment on that, except to say that it's based on a pretty dark and weird comic series with a fairly hefty cult following. So maybe it follows a similar style to the comic (which I have also never seen)? My apologies if you knew all of this already - I don't know how much the movie lets on about its predeccessor.

I'm also very glad they left Karen's. I agree that she sounds like an older version of the boozy and skittish Karen character from Will & Grace! I think it's a feather in Ali and/or Lisa's cap/s that they took their leave of Karen earlier than anticipated. And that they told you (via Princess's SMS or phone conversation with you), rather than you having to hear it from Krazy Karen:

"Wasshat? Yep, *hic*, they drof off a cliff durrring a fflood or shomshing, *hic*. But it'sh orright ... I cut their breakshh shho they couldn't get into dangerrr ... wannannotha shkotch? *vomits*"

As for other movies to watch, I think you and I might have very different tastes.


MelbourneGirl said...

hello bevis. about the celebs, no they are nothing to do with missing princess or anything. it is a list i came across yesterday doing my reading for my research project. the answer is very interesting but i need to see if there are any more contestants.

about sin city - i knew it was based on graphic novels, and the style is really close to cartoon.

was neighbours on?

oh, and you say we have different taste in movies. but you don't say what you like... throw me a bone, here. my taste in movies is i can enjoy a whole range of types, as long as they are good.

Pomgirl said...

I don't know if you've seen 'Crash' but that was the film I've most enjoyed recently...

Is it something odd like them all being cigar smokers? Not that I can imagine Mariah Carey with a big old stogie in her gob...

Anyway, I need to know!

MelbourneGirl said...

hey pomgirl. we've got crash for tonight! how about that?

no, nothing to do with cigars.

i found the list when i was reading an academic text, but the answer is pretty off-centre, left of field.

i will reveal all after two more entries. and they have to be real people, not pomgirl and bevis dressed up in other names...

[rubs hands together and laughs powerfully]

Magical_M said...

Is it that they have all been arrested at one time or another?

Initially I was thinking they all had some weird six degrees of Warren Beatty link or that they were all anti-Bush campaigners. But I'll lock in D - Arrested.

Sin City. Great film. Clive Owen is sexy as. But the sequence thing threw me a bit too. I can only guess it had something to do with the comic book nature of the film.

Oh and Alcatraz is cool. And not that scary really - unless you get the walkman/headset thingy which guides you around and has some actor impersonating the evil laughs of some of the inmates. That gave me the shivers.

Dxxxx said...

Hows about a clue or something???
I'm really hoping it's not posing nude or something because the thought of bacon, jackson & hanks in the buff is making me hurl!!

(And good riddance to Karen the lush)


sublime-ation said...

They've all been featured on the cover of Paris Match?

Justine said...

they are all famous.

Did i get it Did i get it???! :-)

BEVIS said...

Is is health-related? Were they all born with hearing difficulties or sight problems or a stutter or heart complications or Epstein-Barr or chronic fatigue syndrome or arthritis or goiters or webbed toes or insomnia or bad nose bleeds or coeliac's disease or an intolerance to wheat and sugar or diabetes or chronic flatulance or poor spelling or an unshakeable belief in herbal remedies?

Or is something like they've never gotten their driver's licence?

It'd be helpful if we knew what your thesis was on. If you've told us, I don't think I saw it.

So come on - what's the answer?!!

elaine said...

they've all had (confirmed or rumoured) a mental illness?

MelbourneGirl said...

ok. i'll give you the answer. you have to trust me on this one, plus i'll provide evidence. i was going to announce in a new post HOWEVER the old american rollercoaster is cranking up again regarding princess, there have been developments which are so wild, so i will post on today's ride separately.

ok. the answer. you will not believe this, but i will put in full what i read:

i was reading a book for my thesis. it's called half and half: writers on growing up biracial and bicultural. i'm putting the link to melbourne uni's library catalogue entry below so you can see it's a real book.

ok there's a chapter entitled the mulatto millennium, by danzy senna. she is biracial (black-mexican father and WASP mother) but physically is white, and is talking about "passing" which is an academic term for being a white black person, who may or may not identify as black, but present physically as white.

she tells about spending time with white people, and inevitably race would come up, she would let them talk awhile and then tell them she was back, and sit back and watch the reaction.

then on page 19 she writes:

"One year, while working as an investigative journalist in Hollywood, I even made up a list, evidence I've long since burned.These days such a thing would mean sure career death - luckily, it was never published. It was an expose of who is passing in Hollywood. I called it 'And You Thought It Was Just a Tan?' There were three categories:"

Black Folks You May Not Have Known Are Black:

and listed there are the names i put*.

Black Folks Who May Not Know They Are Black:

again the same names.

then she goes on: "Needless to say, my list wouldn't have gone over too well with the MN posse (MN = mulatto nation). But I put decent research into the article and was proud of my results. It was nearly published in a local news weeky, but the editors balked at the last minute, for fear of lawsuits. I bet they're thanking their lucky starts now that they didn't print it. Essentialism is out. In this age of fluidity, it doesn't pay to be blacker than thou."


* i left out two names, Robin Quivers and Slash cause i don't know who they are. but i think slash is one of those metal musicians?

so. i don't know what you think, but i was amazed when i saw it.

arnold swarzenegger
arnold swarzenegger??!!!! he's austrian!

i'll leave it with you. this was a chapter in a credible text... and i found it interesting.

Clokeeeey! said...

I thought they all played the part of the Phantom on Broadway.

BEVIS said...

Well that's all a bit odd. For starters, I thought Jennifer Beals was black anyway (she has certainly always claimed to be, as far as I'm aware).

And Michael Jackson? Don't we know both of his (black) parents? Maybe I'm missing something about the research, but I'd say this Danzy Senna person is related to Krazy Karen.

I was closest by saying it was bilingual and/or something they were 'born with'. Do I win a pseudo-prize?

MelbourneGirl said...

yes ok you win a prize

a big "well done" and a hand shake

and a free ticket to tomorrow's rollercoaster ride.

it might be a doozy!

Dxxxx said...

Slash is the guitarist with the mop top from Guns'n'Roses. No idea who Robin Quivers is tho.

Tom Hanks ?????

sublime-ation said...

Damn! I should have got that, what with my Mariah post and all...the list must include part Latino people, not just part black, as in African roots...I can see it in Johnny, obviously Paula, Jennifer, and even Carly and Elizabeth, and Tom has kinda Afro-y hair...but Kevin and Arnold?

MelbourneGirl said...

sublime. the one i don't get is arnie. didn't he migrate from austria?

BEVIS said...
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BEVIS said...
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BEVIS said...

I think Robin Quivers is the black chick who co-hosts shock-jock Howard Stern's radio shows. She used to be simply a newsreader, but he hijacked her and gave her a bigger career. She's kinda his straight-man (if you'll pardon the term).

So exactly the same story as Jane Kennedy when she used to read the news on Triple M during the D-Gen's breakfast show, where they kept making her laugh and then got her to do some female voices in some of their pre-recorded skits, until she eventually joined the group and it went from there.

"What useless information, BEVIS!"

"Why - thank you, anonymous voice in my head!"

BEVIS said...

... freakin' stupid Blogger giving me error messages that were basically lies ...

MelbourneGirl said...

blogger was acting up last night.