Thursday, January 19, 2006

i've put some posts into drafts, just for now

i wanted to remove some posts because someone said to me something like "does princess look at your blog?"

no. she doesn't. but then i've been thinking, she does know i blog. she also, i think, knows my "stage name" and it would be bad if she mentioned it casually to ali or L while she is away. ali is not internet savvy but L is.

so, until she's home i am going to play it cool.

day 21
6 days to go


Dxxxx said...

I don't think I remember reading anything that would have been 'inappropriate' for Princess eyes......

But maybe you're just thinking about the K stuff & L news etc.....


problematic said...

I think most of your blog is inappropriate.

Dxxxx said...

But inappropriate for what?

MelbourneGirl said...

dxxxx, not for inappropriate reasons, but yes, like you said about K stuff, the email, and L's news... it's not that i don't want princess reading it, it's more that i don't want A knowing about it, cause then he would get so pissed off, and maybe i wouldn't see P again??? plus P would certainly not like it. it's an ethical thing i dilemm with often.

i know, it's hysteria but i have been feeling uncomfortable the last couple of days.

cotton, you are right too. most of it is inappropriate for children. that's why i had a disagreement with someone over at bevis' a while back, about children reading blogs, and that parents should know what they're children are doing online. for princess is bratz and myscene websites. that's it. and that's how it should be.

BEVIS said...

Hey! That was me! I said that!

Whoa, something I said made you think? I do believe I've turned a corner!

As for the person over on mine you argued with, it was that fake blog troll who was looking for trouble (and who regularly gives Little Faerie Girl trouble, which is the 'subject' of today's Shout Out / yuyu over on mine), so you don't want to credit that 'person' (using the term loosely) with anything at all.

Which - I guess - you weren't.

Don't mind me.

Anyway, will you be putting the missing posts back again when P is home?

(Do comments 'survive' intact if their post is drafted - if you'll excuse the term - and then re-posted later? I guess we'll see!)

MelbourneGirl said...

make that their children

sheesh, i hate it when i rush...

bevis i don't know about the comments, we shall see.

yes, i will put them back up when princess is back in my custody!

problematic said...

Surely princess reads my blog. It's about life, and I think i can prepare her for the disappointment.