Wednesday, January 18, 2006

day 20, 7 days to go

there's nothing much to report other than i keep checking on the gigi.

she is still there.

i am running out of movies on my list to see, and am going to the cinema tonight with my sis. what shall we see?
i don't know.

i find it really hard to just go to anything, for a movie to me is a pearl of perfect relaxation, entertainment and escapism. as long as it works for me, otherwise it can be a torture, an annoyance, a pain in the bum.

i wanted to write about king kong which we saw last night. but haven't got time.

day 20
only 7 days to go


BEVIS said...

Well, just tell me this: Was I way off the mark, in your opinion? Or rather spot on?

You amuse me by constantly checking on The Gigi. I am glad she's still there.


Ant (AKA John) said...

Bevis. I read your review of KK and I have to agree. When the "Special" effects and how bad they are distract you from watching the movie, then it's a crap movie (although I didn't fall asleep in this one). How did they get KK onto the boat? How much clorophorm did they use to keep him asleep? How did they find thier way back to NY? they go lost didn't they? many, many holes.

MelbourneGirl said...

no bevis you were way on the mark. way, with all your points. but there was one part where i disagreed with you, but it's just an opinion and i can see how you feel that way. about the friendship between kong and naomi. which i did like, but perhaps that was me clinging to a rickety raft, in a storm of a bad bad movie, when there was so little else to hang onto. i will elaborate on this in a post later... maybe tomorrow.

BEVIS said...

Dear MelbourneGirl & John / Ant / Sexy Hammer Man (hehe), glad to hear you agree with me, more or less.

I can stomach you disagreeing with the friendship between Naomi and Kong - I was kinda being silly with that point by the end of my review anyway.

I hope my review didn't 'spoil' it for you (I don't mean spoil the storyline, although I hope that too, but rather I hope that it didn't have you thinking about things too much and not enjoying the movie for what it was; light entertainment).

John / Ant / MC Hammer, you make some more excellent points. I scoffed aloud when it faded to black on the island with the chloroformed Kong, and then opens in New York. How did they manage that, exactly? I think it's all supposed to be part of the magic of cinema.


Oh, and sorry about the :)

Dxxxx said...

I'm glad the gigi is staying put.
so what did you end up seeing at the movies?


MelbourneGirl said...

hey all.

we went and saw the family stone. i saw it on the weekend, and i had liked it so much i was happy to see it again. my sister and i both agreed that jennifer aniston just didn't compel us to see whatever she is in.

and yes i cried again in the movie. so did sis. she enjoyed it too.

bevis, reading your review didn't spoil it. it was never going to be a great movie for me, i just don't really go nuts over the enormous hollywood-action blockbusters. i just wanted to see it, to see what it was like. and it was crapola.

elaine said...

I keep on checking the gigi too... just because she has such a beautiful face.

MelbourneGirl said...

she is cute elaine. i took some new pics of her with my new phone, so expect a gigi blog tonight perhaps, instead of king kong.