Friday, January 06, 2006

made it through another day

just to start off, this is for chai

i couldn't find a real one. but there is a double meaning there. can you see it?

today was easy too, to get through. i am working as best i can during the day then go and do some gardening in the evening. tonight i weeded half of the baseline on the tennis court. it was very satisfying.

this morning i took gigi for a walk.

it is the new regime.

i sent princess a text message. i figure why should i worry what ali might be thinking or saying about me, i am her mother and i can write if i want. damnit.

i also then sent him one saying that a cheque i banked for him from england has been stopped. we'll see how quickly he can find a phone to call me about that! it'll be an interesting test.

tonight we watched four weddings and a funeral. again. can anyone tell me why we were supposed to support the relationship between andie macdowell and hugh grant, when really she was a fairly hideous and unfaithful type, who then turns up at hugh's wedding at the end and ruins it all.

day 8
19 days to go


Chai said...

MG, MG, I didnt realise what I muttered was audible...
Maybe this set of pics may offer a better selection? And I do sympathise. You're threading that line between absolute love and smothering and that's hard.

Pomgirl said...

andie macdowell was awful in that film and her character was pretty nasty too. i remember watching it with a friend when it first came out and being told that i looked a bit like her "if you had really squinty eyes", wasn't sure what to say to that...

and how cringe worthy is hugh grant's total toffness?

Chai said...

Ahhhh... just got the double meaning of the pic... I may be slow, but I'm easy (or some other permutation on that theme). Hence, I withdraw all my alternate pic suggestions. (Am assuming that the phone pic implies the severance of 2 things, one physical and the other mental).
Back to painting the deck.
ps I'm sure she is missing her mum and is thinking of you often and cant wait to get back and tell you *all* about it.

Locket said...

I've never seen FW&aF.

But I have been catching up on your backposts.

You are so brave letting the princess out into the big wide world to spend time with her father. We all know how much you love her, and she is (literally) a part of you. No doubt the ache then, is almost physical.

She'll be home before you know it, full of news of this Big Adventure, and you will hold her and never want to let her go again... but you will, because you know that to love someone is to offer them every opportunity to grow and experience all* that life has to offer.

I've said it before, and elaine has said it more recently: if/when I get to be a mother, I would want to be just like you

* the good/ the exciting/ the scary yet ultimately safe

BEVIS said...

To answer your Four Weddings ... question: I think it basically came down to him falling in love with her. Assuming we're his friends for a moment, even if we don't like her, if he loves her, what can we do other than accept it and support him?

I don't know. It's late and I'm tired and I liked it better when you were posting pictures of Wonder Woman.