Monday, January 23, 2006

what to cook for dinner

ah, now we get down to the mundane end of the 27 or so days princess will have been away.
i spoke to her today, they were walking along the beach going to a restaurant for lunch. at 3.30pm. grrrr. deep breath.

the wind was blowing some of her words away, and i had to keep asking her "pardon, what was that?"

she was telling me bits and pieces about the last couple of days.

she told me she has got so much more stuff (clothes) now than when she went over there. she will be bringing back an extra bag.

"and most of it i don't really like, mum"

[remember the pink hat??? i TOLD you!!]

"oh well," i said, "we'll donate it"

[i've found a place, by the way. a good cause, one of the goodest.]

"well, baba has boy taste you know. so alot of the stuff makes me look like a tomboy and i don't like that. you know i don't"

"i know, sweetie," i said.

"i told them not to keep buying me stuff but they didn't listen," she said.

"but some of the stuff i like," she said.

this is the sort of conversation i want to have with her. i guess it's only now at the end that things have calmed down a bit that we are getting to the ordinary conversations, when she is not telling me she wants to come home early.

i got a postcard from her today:

Dear Mum
I LOVE YOU very much I don't know what to do about coming back. Lots of love Princess.

i'm glad i didn't get that like two or more weeks ago. somehow it's even more heartbreaking in writing. it was obviously written during the bad old san fran days.

but i am still keeping fingers crossed that the remainder of her time is ok. things are still potentially a bit incendiary over there. i have kept quiet about this here, but there have been "developments" which i might embellish later. i know from experience things can always blow up a bit during the comings and the goings. [sorry for being so cryptic.]

but for now, what to cook for dinner?

i'll head up the street for inspiration. i made a nice zucchini soup for lunch, it was delish.

day 25
only 2 days to go!


elaine said...

I recommend NOT cooking cold apple soup. I ate it once and it was absolutely disgusting. Also you ate soup for lunch.

What about...erm... tells us that it's chicken delicioso but I don't think that looks very good either. They thicken the sauce with cornflour! So wrong.

What about thai beef salad?

elaine said...

ps VERY exciting about Princess's imminent arrival!

BEVIS said...

You have paced yourself well this past week - I admire you for that.

Of course, I only see what you choose to show us, but still.

elaine said...

So what did you cook?

Riss said...

She sounds so grown up about everything. Bring on those balloons!

LadyCracker said...

I guess she is back now MG. Hope that she brings lots of hugs and love.

xx LC

BEVIS said...

No, there's still one more day to go, isn't there?

Or am I wrong?

If Monday was two days to go ...

Either way, I also hope you still plan to do those embarrassing silver balloons ... or that you did them. Whichever is timely-accurate.