Friday, January 20, 2006

two days' worth of posts

we are off down the coast. i think i will swim at the beach as soon as we get there.

so i will do two-in-one here.

i was just trying to work out how to download my photos from my phone, but it looks too hard. i will wait until i can get some technical assistance. which won't be tonight.

so the forthcoming guest-post by gigi, entitled me and my back garden will have to wait but i hope to post it early next week.

so, tonight ends day 22, with 5 days to go.

and tomorrow will be day 23, with 4 days to go.

when i next post it will be day 24, with 3 days to go.

now i don't know which one to bold.

have a good weekend, and people who are retrobeachpartying, do an annette funicello type dance for me. on top of a surfboard. wearing a towelling beach smock. please.

day 22
5 days to go


Chai said...

Have fun... The last time I was at the beach, I discovered I scream the same way whether I'm about to be devoured by a Great White or if a piece of seaweed touches my foot. [paraphrasing Kevin James]

sublime-ation said...

Have fun. I am scouring for play suits for 50sretrobeachparty.
Pity you can't be there!
Jump a wave for me.

shawnflynn0688 said...

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BEVIS said...

I love how a blog (an imaginary page on the Internet) can be inquisitive (an action describing someone who looks deeply into something with curiosity)!

Yes, I also find that my lamp is hungry and my car is ludicrous. Not to mention my DVD remote, which is haughty.

If you ever find my keys (which I lost last week), be careful. They are morbid and a touch angry.


Ahem, anyway ... I have just returned from a weekend away, also. What a lot we have in common! (I don't have a child in America, though - of course, shortly, neither will you! Excited?)

I hope you've had a wonderfully relaxing weekend.

PS - Did any of this make sense? I am quite with the tired.

Anonymous said...
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Dxxxx said...

Hope you had a beautiful weekend, lovely lady.

Are you down to counting the time until the Princess returns in hours yet????

MelbourneGirl said...

very funny chai. made me laugh. i am a bit the same, and we were down at a beachside place where in the last year young yachting children were "terrorised" by a great white, though none of them got eat. but it did cross my mind. so i stayed well in the shallows and lolled.

yes i am very very excited about princess returning. truly cannot wait. i have spoken to her most days, she is also very excited. but i'm not counting down in hours yet, dxxxx, it's still sleeps, ie two to go!!! i am madly doing thesis writing in an effort to really get as much done as possible before school starts, then i can settle down to do more but i won't have the same amount of time to dedicate i don't think.